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Brewers in the Community

The Milwaukee Brewers are committed to supporting many worthy events and activities throughout the state of Wisconsin. The club is pleased to give back to dedicated fans who have supported the Brewers throughout the years. Each year, many charities, educational groups, youth groups and non-profit organizations raise hundreds of thousands of dollars through the support of players and with auction items provided by the Milwaukee Brewers.

Brewers in the Community Highlights

Brewers COmmunity Foundation
Brewers Community

Brewers Community Foundation is the official charity of Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club. Learn More »

Community Achievers

Nominate a member of your community for their extraordinary efforts. Nominate now »

Beyond the Diamond

Our Beyond the Diamond initiative highlights a series of community outreach events. More »

More Community Highlights

Brewers Community
Foundation Auctions

Bid on unique and one-of-a-kind Brewers collectibles to benefit the programs of the Brewers Community Foundation. Bid Now »

Message Boards

Discuss player moves, trade rumors and more with your fellow fans. Go »

Connect with the Brewers

There are so many new ways to connect with us – find out how to keep up with us through Twitter, Facebook, MLBlogs and more! More »


The Milwaukee Brewers are committed to fielding a competitive team both on and off the field that exemplifies a strong work ethic, respect for the game and loyalty to our fans. We deliver an affordable fan friendly, high quality entertainment experience in a world-class facility.

As a fiscally responsible organization, our employees are dedicated to enhancing our relationships with the diverse businesses, communities and citizens of the city of Milwaukee and state of Wisconsin.

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