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Welcome to Fan FAQs, where the big questions asked of the Brewers organization are answered.

I am interested in singing the National Anthem prior to a Brewers game. How do I apply?

To apply to sing the anthem prior to a Brewers game, please send in an audition of the anthem sung a cappella, 90 seconds or less, plus a performance history (if any) to:

  • Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club
  • Attn: Aleta Mercer
  • One Brewers Way
  • Milwaukee, WI 53214

Audition CDs are accepted in the off-season, between November 1 and February 14 each year.

I am interested in participating in the Sausage Race. Can I?

Sorry, no. Only Brewers employees run the Sausage Race each game.

How do the Brewers decide whether to open or close the roof for a particular game?

There are several factors that determine the roof position for a game, including precipitation, game temperature, wind conditions and the weather forecast for the balance of the game. Obviously, we will close the roof when it is raining or very cold. Based on fan surveys, we will generally keep the roof closed if game temperatures are expected to be below 60 degrees.

In addition, even if the temperature is above 60 degrees, we will close the roof if rain and high winds are in the forecast. This is due to the fact that we need to send a roof crew to the roof to do a manual inspection before we make a roof move. If there are strong winds, it is not a safe environment for our roof crew to go onto the roof. We recognize that our fans will not always agree on the roof position. Some fans want the roof open all the time-regardless of temperature—unless it is raining. Other fans want the roof closed unless the temperature is in the high 60s. Other fans have different views depending on whether their seats are in the sun or the shade. We attempt to create an environment that is comfortable for as many of our fans as possible.

How do the Brewers pick which players are featured in an all fan bobblehead promotion?

During the off season, Brewers executives meet to discuss the best candidates for these all fan promotions. There are some spirited debates during these meetings. Generally, we look to pick fan favorites, and we also may have at least one all fan promotion featuring a Brewers legend from the past or a unique candidate such as the Racing Sausage bobble.

Of course, we need to be prepared for off season trades that might impact who we choose. Even with the best planning, there is still a risk that a player featured on an upcoming bobblehead will be hurt or traded, but we have not asked Doug Melvin to hold off on a trade just because the player involved has an all fan bobblehead!

What is the Fan Cost Index and where do the Brewers rank among other MLB clubs in this index?

The Fan Cost Index is published annually by Team Marketing Report, a sports trade publication that is widely respected by people who work in the industry. The publication factors the cost of game tickets, concessions, game programs, parking and merchandise to determine the cost for a family of four to attend a game. The Brewers in 2012 ranked among the most-affordable teams in Major League Baseball and also ranked 17% under the average cost of all 30 MLB teams.

Do the Brewers have a lot of input in determining their schedule from year to year?

Each year Major League Baseball sends a schedule survey to all teams. On this survey, The Brewers can list preferences for dates to have the team play at home, as well as any conflict dates when Miller Park would not be available for baseball.

In general, every team prefers to have as many summer (June through August) and weekend home games as possible. With so many competing interests, Major League Baseball has a very complicated assignment in determining a "fair" schedule for all 30 teams. In the end, teams have very little say in the final schedule other than setting start times for games.

Why don't the Brewers show close plays on the video board in centerfield?

Major League Baseball prohibits showing replays of certain plays on video boards. This includes:

  • balls and strikes
  • double plays and forceouts originating at second base
  • brushback pitches
  • any play where an incorrect call was clearly made

The Brewers show as many replays as are allowed on the video board while following these guidelines.

Are there any rules regarding players signing autographs for fans before the game?

With batting practice, physical training and game preparation, players are on very strict schedules prior to each game, and this only allows for a very limited amount of "down time." Many players do take time to sign autographs for fans prior to games when possible, but it is more practical for them to do this before the stands fill up with large crowds. The best opportunity to take advantage of this is during the first 30-45 minutes that gates to the ballpark are open, but this is still not a sure bet. With large groups of fans looking for autographs, it is difficult for players to stop and sign for only a few before other commitments cause them to leave the vast majority of those waiting disappointed.

During the season, there are structured events where fans can get autographs from Brewers players. These include Autograph Fridays for Kids as well as appearances at the Brewers Team Store by Majestic. These events offer better opportunities to interact with your favorite players one-on-one.

Do children under two years of age receive All Fan Giveaways?

Children under two years of age are not required to have a seat or ticket when they come to Miller Park. Parents may request a promotional item for their child on the All Fan Giveaway dates even though they technically are not ticket holders. Children under two who do not have a ticket must sit on the lap of a parent or guardian.