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The Famous Racing Sausages®

The Famous Racing Sausages® – A Historical Perspective

Sausage Race Results
Polish Sausage27
Italian Sausage9
Hot Dog22

Legend has it that the Famous Racing Sausages® started to take shape in the early 90's. In their formative years, they were little more than a cartoon running a virtual race every home game on the giant scoreboard in centerfield.

As the movement began to take shape and a buzz developed about our racing weenies, eventually Brat (#1), Polish Sausage (#2) and Italian Sausage (#3) made their debut out of the left field corner of County Stadium on selected Sundays throughout the season. Just when the suspense of the highly technical Famous Racing Sausages® video was too much to handle, the actual Famous Racing Sausages® emerged from the left field corner and sprinted toward home plate aided by the applause of an enthusiastic crowd.

What started as a fun way to entertain many of the children attending afternoon games became an instant hit. The three sausages added a fourth when Hot Dog (#4) came on board in the middle of the 1990s.

Brewers/Klements Racing Sausages

The race grew in popularity among young and old alike. During the 2000 season — the final year of County Stadium — the virtual race was thrown out and the actual sausages began to race every game.

This tradition continued as the Brewers moved across the parking lot to Miller Park in 2001. Running with the Famous Racing Sausages® took on a life of its own as having an 'in' with the club might mean the chance to dive into the costume and scurry along the warning track prior to the seventh inning. Hideo Nomo, Pat Meares and Geoff Jenkins are just three of the lucky players to boast "Racing Sausage" among their personal accolades. In 2007, Chorizo (#5) rejoined the Famous Racing Sausages® after a brief run of one game in 2006.

The success of the Famous Racing Sausages® has blossomed beyond initial expectations. Famous Racing Sausage bobbleheads, t-shirts, dolls and pins immediately flooded the market and were immediately snatched up by the legions of the Famous Racing Sausage fans. For those wanting to be closer to the action, the 5K Famous Sausage Race was developed.

With this success naturally come the imitators. There is a heated competition that exists between the Racing Sausages® and the Pittsburgh Pierogies. Under intense media scrutiny and public debate, these two parties finally raced. Not to boast, but let's just say the Famous Racing Sausages® have an early lead in race victories since this feud began.

Young fans clamor for their autographs, adults snap pictures and ask for high fives and those in uniform dream of their chance to wear the costume. What can you say, it's not easy being one of the Famous Racing Sausages®.


Brat comes to the Brewers after years of Olympic training on the German National team, never quite making it past the trials. He is intimidating to the other participants with his muscular physique. Brat trains like a machine, having not missed a day of weight lifting in years. He is very competitive, and wants nothing more than to win every race. Watch out though, he may stop at nothing to be the best. Hot Dog once found his shoes in the trash only minutes before a race. There was no hard evidence linking Brat to this offense, but speculation abounds.

Brat relishes his aggressive approach to racing. His determination to win pushes him to a fast start, but he tends to lose wind towards the end. His consummate drive gains the respect of the fans. Another downfall to Brat's performance is his trick ankles. The years of basketball he played in his native Germany have proven to be somewhat detrimental in many races. As long as those ankles hold out, Brat will give anyone a good run for their money.

Polish Sausage

Polish Sausage came to Milwaukee after years of coaching high school cross-country. He's most notable for his effective way of racing. Many lose confidence on him at the beginning of his races because of his slow starts. However, when the time comes to make his move, Polish Sausage always closes the gap. When the others are tired from exerting too much energy at the beginning of a race, he makes a strong finish look easy.

To many, he is the underdog of the crew. Do not overlook him ... he will surprise you. His years of coaching have helped him develop a running style which may be unstoppable. His vast knowledge of running, gathered in the hills of Warsaw, makes him a credible competitor.

For the fans, Polish Sausage seems to get lost in the shuffle with his humble personality. He is a gracious competitor, and chooses to demonstrate his ability with action and not his mouth. So, although you may not hear much out of him, do not forget what he can do.

Italian Sausage

Italian Sausage is the suave one of the bunch. He makes everything look easy and most times, doesn't even break a sweat. His spicy personality is a favorite among the crowd. Italian has been known to work his way out of many sticky situations. This skill usually allows him to sneak out of the pack and into the lead down the home stretch of countless Sausage Races.

Italian Sausage began running as a leisure activity, and racing only for fun. He is one of the better known competitors. Much of this acclaim comes from his activities on the Silver Screen where he has been featured in such low budget films as "Sausages Are A Butcher's Best Friend" and "Sausages, Sausages, and More Sausages." Italian is not shy of the limelight. Beyond just the attention he receives, he enjoys the aura of excitement given off by the crowd. He came to the attention of the Brewers by word of mouth from the Italian media. Someone of his caliber and popularity is sure to pump up the fans.

While most of the other Famous Racing Sausages® are out running wind sprints, Italian Sausage can most often be found looking in a mirror or mingling with the legions that make up the Italian Sausage Fan Club. He loves the attention. As the crowd cheers louder, he continues to run faster.

Hot Dog

Hot Dog is an All-American favorite of both the young and old. He's worked hard to deserve this reputation. The simplicity of Hot Dog is what makes him so popular. He tries his best in what he does, and knows the effort was there even if the win was not. People cannot help but to love Hot Dog. His happy-go-lucky personality brings a smile to the crowd's face. Hot Dog's demeanor keeps him from ever being rattled even in the fiercest of competitions.

Hot Dog comes to the Brewers after being recognized in his three successful completions of the Boston Marathon. He trains hard for the event with his relatives Cheese Dog, Chili Dog, Chicago Style Hot Dog, and Corn Dog, being the only one of his family to complete the race. His ability brought him to the Brewers, where competition is only part of his gratification. He also participates for the enjoyment it brings to him and all of the wonderful fans.


Chorizo came to Milwaukee after many years of paying his dues training and racing throughout Central America and overseas. While his exact workout regimen is kept a secret, it is known that Chorizo has spent time training in the hills of central Mexico, hiking the mountains of the volcanic region of Guatemala, rock climbing in Puerto Rico, and has even been seen running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, all with the goal of some day making it to the big leagues. Chorizo is a fiery competitor, taking an immense amount of pride in the work he puts in to be the best he can be. Chorizo was a long time admirer of the sausage races at County Stadium and Miller Park, and was thrilled when he was called up to the Major Leagues in 2006 at the inaugural Cerveceros Day. He was extremely excited for his first sausage race, but adrenaline got the best of him, as he fired off to a quick start and tired by the end of the race, coming in third. While he didn't win, he showed a lot of promise, and was sent back to the Mexican League for further seasoning, with the assurance that he would return for the 2007 season.

The initial reaction from the public to Chorizo has been overwhelmingly positive. Fans love the strong and spicy kick he gives to everything he does, from running the sausage race, to the way he wears his sombrero, and even the salsa dancing he does before games to loosen up for that evening's race.

Chorizo is a deserving addition to the Famous Racing Sausages®, and will surely prove to be a worthy competitor for the veteran racers for years to come.