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Emerging Markets / Mercados Emergentes

The Milwaukee Brewers are committed to improving diversity in baseball, both on and off the field of play. We recognize the great contributions of African Americans and Hispanics to Major League Baseball, as well as to the Brewers organization. With that in mind, the Brewers Emerging Markets department knows that a Brewers game at Miller Park is always about more than just the game itself. Rather, it is about enjoying the best baseball experience you can have here at Miller Park. This is why we strive to provide more value to ensure a lasting memory for you and those who you share it with. We invite you to step up to the plate and prepare to make a big hit!

Turn your individual experience into a special group experience by realizing all the tremendous benefits we have added this season!

In the spirit of 'TRUE' Milwaukee Brewers baseball tradition, we have established more special experiences throughout the season that reflect our community and our unique preferences, while recognizing our commonality. Enhance your group experience now and through the end of the season, Emerging Markets Style!

Partnerships with key Milwaukee community and business networks are what we're all about!

Brewers Emerging Markets team up with a number of key Milwaukee corporations, business enterprises and community organizations to host annual events at Miller Park. While these events provide an opportunity for some to spend time with us at a non-gameday event, it gives others a chance to visit our stadium for the first time to gain first-hand knowledge about our unique amenities and envision how a true Miller Park experience will be for future consideration. We are excited to offer more opportunities to champion your cause and connect during the games. Get on our line-up card now!

For more information, please contact Thad McGrew at 414-902-4371.