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Budweiser Roof Deck


Want an event experience that goes above and beyond the expected? Then gather a group of good friends or coworkers and bask in the heightened atmosphere of the Budweiser Roof Deck. As our premier outdoor venue, and as the only roof deck actually built into a Major League ballpark, it gives

you a bird's-eye view of Target Field, with the city skyline serving up a breathtaking backdrop. This one-of-a-kind space is custom-built for company parties, promotional events and family get-togethers. A sophisticated twist on the classic Minnesota backyard BBQ. (Available April - October)

The highest perch in the park has capacity for up to 300.

The story behind
the name

The Budweiser Roof Deck was built to represent all that's great about hanging out with friends on a deck on the perfect summer night in Minnesota. Complete with a covered 360-degree bar and gas fire pit, the Roof Deck oozes summer party fun.


$2,500 Minimum

Globally recognized Delaware North Sportservice and Executive Chef Pastor Jimenez are exclusive caterers to events held on the Budweiser Roof Deck. And that makes for a truly delicious experience.

We were given a tour of Target Field and then we enjoyed a great lunch. Everyone was very appreciative of the quality of the event and service we received from the catering team. It will be hard to top in future years!
AgStar Financial Services

Fun-up your event

See Target Field from behind the scenes by treating guests to a private tour.

Add a layer of fun by having Twins mascot T.C. make an appearance at your event.

Make a statement with a full-color graphic or message on our video board.

Perfect for parties

The Budweiser Roof Deck is just right for family get-togethers and private parties. For business, it's a great chance to reward team members or throw a promotional event. Or change up your company's holiday gathering and celebrate in the warmth of a summer evening - high above Target Field.

Special touches included

As part of your Budweiser Roof Deck rental, you receive use of an in-house sound system, a wireless microphone and an iPod hookup.

Guests will get the feeling of hovering in midair, eye-level with the skyscrapers downtown.

Target Field's only 100% outdoor space features a large 360-degree bar and an outdoor fire pit.