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Beginning on Monday, April 9, the Twins 2012 Home Opener at Target Field, smoking will no longer be allowed anywhere within Target Field or its appurtenant areas. This includes the ballpark itself, Target Plaza, the Promenade behind the ballpark and the 5th and 7th Street sidewalks adjacent to Target Field.

The change is in response to a Minnesota Ballpark Authority request that the Twins eliminate the smoking corral at Target Field to create a cleaner and healthier environment for all who use the ballpark.

Smoking will no longer be allowed throughout the Target Field footprint for the 2012 season and beyond.

Why the change from the smoking corrals?
Eliminating smoking at Target Field creates a cleaner and healthier environment for all who use the ballpark and ensures compliance with the spirit of the non-smoking language found in the 2006 legislation in such that the entire ballpark footprint (facility and the appurtenant areas) will be smoke free.

What exactly are the boundaries of Target Field's no smoking area?
The boundaries include the entire ballpark, Target Plaza, the Promenade, the 6th Street extension and all sidewalks adjacent to the ballpark.

Will staff and workers still be allowed to smoke at the current designated areas?

What about the hundreds of non-baseball events at Target Field? Does the no smoking policy apply same as game days?

If someone goes out to smoke across the street, are they subject to the no reentry rule?
Remaining consistent with Target Field's no reentry policy; fans who leave the ballpark will not be allowed to return to the ticketed event.

How will the Twins enforce?
The Twins will use our security staff and off-duty officers to inform guests of the policy.