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The Minnesota Twins are committed to fielding a competitive team both on and off the field, one that exemplifies a strong work ethic, respect for the game and loyalty to our fans.

This Fan Guide is designed to assist Twins fans by presenting information about Twins/Target Field offerings and accommodations for the 2010 season. The information is presented in alphabetical order for your ease of use. Enjoy the season!

  • A

    Aisle Policy

    As a courtesy to others, we request that guests refrain from walking in aisles while players are at bat. The Minnesota Twins also ask that guests do not sit on the stairs.

    All-Star Balloting

    The Minnesota Twins encourage all guests to participate in the All-Star balloting process which typically runs from early May through the end of June. During the All-Star balloting process, guests can pick up All-Star ballots at any Guest Service Center or ballot box located hroughout Target Field. Fans can also vote online at


    There are several US Bank ATMs located throughout Target Field. On the Main Concourse, they are near Gate 3, section 115 and section 125. On the Club Concourse, they are near Event Suite #7, Delta Sky 360 Legend's Club section Q, and Home Run Porch Terrace section 231. On the Terrace Concourse, they are near section 203 and section 226.

    Autographs/Fan Mail

    Autograph opportunities prior to any game cannot be guaranteed. Guests seeking autographs are asked to comply with the safety instructions given by our Guest Service Staff. The Minnesota Twins are unable to honor any autograph requests during a batting practice visit. Guests may write to specific players requesting an autograph; however each player responds to fan mail as he is able. Mail for Minnesota Twins players, associated personnel and broadcasters can be sent to:

    Minnesota Twins
    Attn: Fan Mail
    1 Twins Way
    Minneapolis, MN 55403

    If a guest wishes to obtain an autograph in this manner, it is recommended to include the item and a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope or box with the request. There is no guarantee that items sent to a particular player will be returned. The Minnesota Twins are not responsible for items not signed or returned safely to the sender.

    Automobile Assistance

    AAA offers complimentary emergency vehicle service for guests attending a Minnesota Twins game. If you are in need of assistance, please call AAA at 952-927-2727.

  • B

    Baby Changing Stations

    Baby changing tables are available in all restrooms and family restrooms. Family restrooms are located on the Main Concourse at sections 112, 123, and 132; on the Club Concourse at section 238; on the Suite Concourse near Suite 14; and on the Terrace Concourse at sections 208, 214, and 220. If a more private environment is desired, please visit the nearest Guest Service Center.


    Soft-sided containers and bags 16" by 16" by 8" or smaller are permitted in Target Field. Bags and containers are subject to inspection by gate security prior to entering the ballpark. For more detailed information on what can be brought into Target Field see Entry Guidelines.

    Ballpark Events (Non-Baseball)

    Target Field offers more than just baseball. It has flexible event spaces designed to accommodate gatherings such as weddings/receptions, corporate meetings and events, seminars, holiday parties, and convention and trade show events. Please visit or contact David Christie directly at for more information.

    Banners and Signs

    The Minnesota Twins welcome the support of our guests as demonstrated by homemade signs and banners. To ensure that these articles do not distract others, we ask guests to adhere to the following guidelines: banners and signs may not contain advertising or carry disparaging or obscene messages; they may not cover any scoreboards, existing advertising or LED boards; banners and signs may not be placed in the direct sightline of the batter and/or infringe on the sightlines of other guests during play. The Minnesota Twins request that all banners and signs pertain to the Twins or baseball, and reserve the right to permit or remove any sign or banner from Target Field at any time.

    Batting Practice

    The Minnesota Twins typically start batting practice 2 hours prior to game time, with the opposing team taking batting practice beginning 1 hours prior to game time. Batting practice always occurs at the Manager's discretion.


    Sealed, bottled water 32 oz. or less and soft-sided single juice or milk containers are the only outside beverages permitted into Target Field. Guests may bring liquids required for legitimate medical purposes into Target Field.

    Bicycle Parking

    The Minnesota Twins encourage guests to ride their bicycle to Target Field. Bicycle stands are available on the promenade and at various locations around the ballpark. For more information please see the Parking & Transportation Guide.


    Television Broadcasts

    Fox Sports Net North and WFTC broadcast many Twins home and away games. For more information on TV broadcasts please click here »

    Radio Broadcasts

    All games are broadcast on KSTP Radio 1500 AM and throughout the Midwest on the Treasure Island Baseball Network. For a complete listing of the Twins Radio Network please click here »

    Budweiser Roof Deck

    Designed to be the ultimate Minnesota Twins outdoor experience, the Budweiser Roof Deck is located in the left field corner of Target Field and offers sweeping skyline views of downtown Minneapolis. The Budweiser Roof Deck features a partial roof canopy, bar and concessions areas and convenient private restrooms for your guests. A signature feature of the area is a large fire pit that will warm fans on cool spring and fall evenings. With 150 fixed seats and room for an additional 100 standing-room-only tickets, the Budweiser Roof Deck is the ideal location for blending social time with game time. Group outing dates for the Budweiser Roof Deck are limited. For more information, click here or contact our group sales department at 612-375-7454.


    The home and visiting bullpens are located in left-center field.

  • C


    Guests are welcome to bring still cameras into Target Field. Guests are asked to avoid obstructing the views of others by standing in the aisles when using camera equipment. Photography of Target Field or Twins players cannot be used commercially without written permission from the Minnesota Twins.

    Children's admission/tickets

    The Minnesota Twins offer complimentary admission to children under 30" in height for regular season games, provided they are accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket. These children must sit on the lap of the accompanying adult and not occupy an additional seat. All guests in attendance for a post-season game are required to have a valid ticket, regardless of age.


    The Minnesota Twins and DNC-Sportservice have developed an extensive menu of dining options for guests visiting Target Field. For specific menus and locations, see the Target Field Concessions and Restaurants Guide available at any Guest Service Center.


    Coolers and bags of any size with hard sides are not allowed in the ballpark. Soft-sided containers and bags 16" by 16" by 8" or smaller are permitted into Target Field. The Minnesota Twins reserve the right to inspect and remove any package or container or their contents.

    Courtesy Phones

    Courtesy phones are available at any Guest Service Center.

  • D

    Designated Driver Program (Good Sport)

    Sponsored by the Minnesota Twins and Anheuser-Busch, the Good Sport program promotes responsible alcohol use and rewards designated drivers. For more information please visit any of the Good Sport kiosks located on each concourse at Target Field.


    For detailed information about getting to Target Field, please see the Target Field Transportation Guide available at any Guest Service Center.


    The Minnesota Twins dugout is located on the first base side of the field. The visitor's dugout is along the third base side.

  • E


    There are 12 public elevators located throughout Target Field. Elevators 1 & 2 are located in the Administrative Office building near Gate 6. Elevators 3 & 4 are located across from section 125. Elevators 6 & 7 are located across from section 112. Elevators 9-12 are located across from section 103. Elevator 13 is located across from section 133, and elevator 14 is located at Gate 3.

    Emergency Evacuation

    In case of emergency, you will be directed as to how to orderly evacuate Target Field by Twins Event Staff, PA announcements, and Scoreboard instructions.

    Entry Guidelines


    Soft-sided containers and bags 16" by 16" by 8" or smaller are permitted into Target Field. The Minnesota Twins reserve the right to inspect and remove any package or container or their contents. Coolers and bags of any size with hard sides are not allowed in the ballpark.


    Sealed, bottled water 32 oz. or less and soft-sided single juice or milk containers are the only outside beverages permitted into Target Field. Guests may bring liquids required for legitimate medical purposes into Target Field.


    The Minnesota Twins permit guests to bring food into Target Field as long as items are consumed in the general seating areas. Outside food cannot be brought into any restaurant, club lounge or suite. Food containers must be soft-sided and fit under a guest's seat. Food that could be thrown as a projectile should be sliced or sectioned (i.e. apples). Additionally, any food purchased from the concession areas on Target Plaza is allowed into Target Field.

    Prohibited Items

    For the general safety of all guests the following items are not allowed into Target Field: ball retrievers, balloons, bats, beach balls, boom boxes, brooms, fireworks, footballs, Frisbees, hard sided coolers, laser pointers, lawn chairs, noise-making devices, weapons, wooden sticks, or rods. Small whiskbrooms and small souvenir bats are permitted.


    There are escalators located near the foul poles at section 125 in left field and section 102 in right field. These escalators access all levels of Target Field with the exception of the Suite Level.

    Event Suites

    Located on the first base side of Target Field's Club Level, the Event Suites offer the intimacy of entertaining smaller groups in a private setting. It's an ideal location for business entertainment and celebrations of all kinds. You'll not only enjoy the great view of the game from private, outdoor ballpark seating, but you'll also enjoy a spacious, climate-controlled interior lounge perfect for relaxing, eating, conversing and celebrating. Private restrooms and high-definition televisions are just some of the features of this unsurpassed entertainment locale. Available for groups of 24, 30, or 36; adjacent Event Suites may also be combined to accommodate larger groups. Please contact our group sales department at 612-375-7454 for more information.

  • F

    Family Restrooms

    For the convenience of our guests, several family restrooms have been designated for families, and for guests with disabilities who require private accommodations. Family restrooms are located on the Main Concourse at sections 112, 123, and 132; on the Club Concourse at section 238; on the Suite Concourse near Suite 14; and on the Terrace Concourse at sections 208, 214, and 220. If a more private environment is desired, please visit the nearest Guest Service Center.

    First Aid

    Guests requiring first-aid are urged to immediately contact any member of the Guest Service Staff. First-aid may also be contacted by a DNC Sportservice employee at any concessions stand. Trained medical personnel are on duty for all events to assist guests. The first-aid rooms are located across from section 112 on the Main Concourse, and at section 216 on the Terrace Concourse.

    Foul Balls/Home Run Balls

    Guests are welcome to keep any foul ball or home run ball hit into the stands as long as they do not interfere with the safety and comfort of others. Major League rules prohibit fans from throwing any object onto the field or interfering with the ball in play; offenders will face immediate ejection from Target Field. Guests should stay alert at all time for bats and balls that could land in the seating areas.

  • G

    Gate Times/Locations

    Target Field gates open for admittance 1 - hours prior to the first pitch for Monday through Thursday games, and 2 hours prior to the first pitch for Friday through Sunday games. There are five gate entrances at Target Field, each on the Main Level. Each of the five gates is wheelchair-accessible and named for a former Twins great. Gate #3, named in honor of Harmon Killebrew, is located at 5th Street and 3rd Avenue. Gate #6, named in honor of Tony Oliva, is located on 5th Street by the Light Rail Station. Gate #14, named in honor of Kent Hrbek, is located off of 7th Street behind home plate and next to Hrbek's. Gate #29, named in honor of Rod Carew, is located on Target Plaza by 7th Street. The largest gate at Target Field is gate #34, named in honor of Kirby Puckett, located on Target Plaza.

    Gift Cards

    Gift cards are available through the Twins ticket office, at the Twins Pro Shops, by phone at 1-800-33-TWINS or 612-33-TWINS, and online at Gift cards are valid for tickets and for merchandise at the Twins Pro Shops (gift cards may not be used to purchase merchandise at any of the retail stores at Target Field).

    Guest Code of Conduct

    All guests attending Twins events are expected to comply with the following Minnesota Twins Fan Code of Conduct. The Minnesota Twins are committed to creating a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable Target Field experience. Our Event Staff will proactively intervene to support an environment where: obscene or indecent clothing will not detract from the guest experience; guests will enjoy the baseball experience free from foul/abusive language or obscene gestures; guests will respect the safety of other guests and field participants; the throwing of any object is strictly prohibited; guests will refrain from displays of affection not appropriate in a public, family setting; intervention with an impaired or intoxicated guest is handled in a prompt and safe manner; guests will show their ticket when requested and sit only in their ticketed seat; the progress of the game will not be disrupted by guests' actions or unauthorized persons on the playing field. The Minnesota Twins reserve the right to deny or immediately revoke admission to any guest that does not comply with these guidelines, or otherwise detracts from other guests' enjoyment of the game. Guests are encouraged to report any disruptive behavior to the nearest member of the Guest Service or Twins Security staff.

    Guest Feedback

    Throughout the season, guests are encouraged to express their thoughts about their guest experience at Target Field by emailing Fan Feedback cards may also be filled-out at any of our Guest Service Centers.

    Guest Interference

    In the interest of player and guest safety, the Minnesota Twins maintain a zero tolerance policy regarding guest interference with a ball in play, disruption of an event at Target Field, or interference with a VIP. Failure to comply with this policy will result in immediate removal from Target Field.

    Guest Service Centers

    Guests needing assistance are encouraged to speak with one of our Guest Service Representatives or visit one of our Guest Service Centers located across from section 113 on the Main Concourse, at section 204 on the Terrace Level, at the Delta Sky 360 Legend's Club Concierge Desk at section J, or at the Suite Concierge desk near Suite 33. The Guest Service Centers are staffed to handle questions and/or concerns and offer a wide variety of services and items including ALDs (assistive listening devices), wheelchair service to and from seats, stroller drop off/storage, lost and found, ticket outlet, Target Field and Community Affairs information, Twins publications, and convenience items (i.e. sunscreen, diapers, band-aids, etc). These Centers also serve as the location for reporting lost guests, and answering guest pages during the course of the game. The Guest Service Centers are also designed to provide mothers with private accommodations for nursing.

    Guests with Disabilities

    Guests with special needs should refer to the Target Field Guests with Disabilities Guide for complete information. This guide is available at all Guest Service Centers, and is also available online by clicking here.

  • H

  • I

  • J

  • K

    Kids Day

    Every Sunday home game is Blue Bunny Kids Day. Field View and Skyline View tickets are half-price for kids 14 & under with the purchase of a regular-price adult ticket in the same section.

  • L

    Lost and Found

    A guest who has misplaced an item should contact the nearest Guest Service Representative or Guest Service Center immediately, or contact the Minnesota Twins Lost and Found at 612-659-3640. The Minnesota Twins record pertinent information and lost articles will be categorized and held for 90 days. Items not claimed within 90 days will be donated to charity. Guests finding misplaced items are encouraged to turn them in to the nearest Guest Service Representative or Guest Service Center.

    Lost Guests

    Children and adults separated from their party will be escorted to the closest Guest Service Center. For assistance in locating a lost guest, contact the nearest Guest Service Representative or security officer. A guest who has become separated from his or her party should proceed to the nearest Guest Service Center. All Guest Service Centers offer wristbands to children and adults. These bands will identify the seat location should the guest become separated from their party.

  • M

    Metropolitan Club

    The Metropolitan club is an exclusive restaurant & bar area available to all Minnesota Twins season ticket holders. Any season ticket holder may gain access to the Metropolitan Club simply by presenting their ticket or season ticket holder I.D. card at the entrance to the club. Table service may be reserved by season ticket holders for either pre-game or in-game service. Additionally, the Metropolitan Club is available for hosting non-baseball events, including meetings, conferences, weddings, etc. Please contact your Season Ticket Representative for more information about the Metropolitan Club.

  • N

    Nursing Mothers

    Mothers in need of private accommodations while nursing are welcome to do so at any Guest Service Center.

  • O

  • P


    Paging a guest at Target Field is only done in the case of emergencies. If a guest receives a page, they should report to the nearest Guest Service Center.


    There are several options for parking around Target Field. Please refer to the Target Field Transportation Guide for more information.

    Postponed Games

    The right to delay the start of a game rests with the home club. Once both team managers meet with the home plate umpire and exchange lineup cards, the right to determine whether the game will be interrupted or terminated is at the discretion of the Umpire-in-Chief. Under the provisions of the Official Playing Rules, the Umpire-in-Chief has sole and unquestioned authority to determine whether and when play is halted, when play will be resumed, and whether and when a game will be terminated due to bad weather or unsafe playing conditions. In the event of a postponed or cancelled event, guests are advised to check, the local newspaper, media affiliates, or call us at 1-800-33-TWINS for further information.

    Premium Services and Seating Areas

    Champions Club

    All guests with tickets for the Champions Club are welcome to enjoy all of the amenities in this exclusive area. All food and beverage in the Champions Club is complimentary, with the exception of liquor, and premium beer & wine. There is also in-seat service available for guests in this area. There is a private entrance to the Champions Club located on the service level of Target Field, directly behind home plate. Additionally, a reserved parking space in the Target Field parking lot with optional valet parking service is provided to season ticket holders for every 4 season tickets owned in the Champions Club.

    Legends Club

    All guests with tickets for the Legends Club are welcome to enjoy all of the benefits of Legends Club membership. This includes several lounge areas featuring upscale amenities and food & beverage, most notably the Puckett Lounge by section C, the Carew Lounge by section P, and 573 near section J. There is also a Guest Service Concierge Desk located by section J.

    Suite Level

    Guests with tickets for a private suite at Target Field also have access to all of the Legends Club areas. Catering for Suites should be arranged directly with DNC-Sport-Service by calling 612-659-3978. There is a Guest Service Concierge Desk located by Suite 33.

    Pro Shops/Merchandise

    There are many locations throughout Target Field to purchase Twins merchandise and souvenirs. The largest store, the Majestic Twins Clubhouse, is located on Target Plaza near section 102. The Banner 47 store is located near section 114 and New Era store near section 128. DNC-SportService also operates three retail stores in the Twin Cities metro area which carry licensed merchandise from the Twins and Major and Minor League Baseball. These Minnesota Twins Pro Shops sell game-used merchandise, gift cards, Twins tickets, and much more. The Pro Shops are located in Apple Valley, Roseville, and Minnetonka.

    Promotional Items

    In conjunction with Twins corporate partners, promotional items are distributed during various Twins home games.


    The official Twins Magazine, with scorecard, is available for $3.00 at any novelty stand. Scorecards are available for $1.00.

  • Q

  • R

    Rain Delay

    Even during inclement weather, the Minnesota Twins will make every effort to play scheduled games. Please refer to the Postponed Games section for more information.

    Rainout/reschedule policy

    In the event of a postponed or cancelled event, guests are advised to check, the local newspaper, media affiliates, or call us at 1-800-33- TWINS for further information.


    There are two vertical circulation ramps in Target Field which can be used to travel from level to level or to exit the ballpark. The north ramp is located between Gates 3 and 6, and the south ramp is located near Gate 29. There are also 12 elevators and 2 escalators in Target Field (refer to "Elevators" and "Escalators" sections for more information).


    The Minnesota Twins are committed to operating Target Field in a sustainable manner. There are many recycling receptacles located around the ballpark. In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, we urge all fans to recycle when applicable.


    Guests may not leave Target Field and re-enter once they have entered the facility.

    Running the Bases

    After every Sunday home game, the Twins invite all guests ages 14 and under to run the bases. Guest Service Representatives will be able to direct any guests wishing to participate in this event to the appropriate field-access point at the end of the game. In addition, after each midweek day game, seniors 55 years of age and older have the opportunity to "Walk in the Park."

  • S

    Scoreboard Messages

    Personalized birthday or other celebratory messages may be displayed on the scoreboard at Target Field with a donation of $70 to the Twins Community Fund. Guests may obtain a scoreboard message form online at or by calling 1-800-33-TWINS or 612-33-TWINS. Guests may also obtain a form at any Guest Service Center.

    Section and Seat Numbering

    Seating sections begin with 100 on the Main Level, 200 on the Terrace Level, and 300 on the View Level, starting from the right field foul pole and proceeding clockwise around Target Field. Seats at Target Field are numbered so that lower numbers are on the right-hand side of the row and higher numbers are on the left-hand side of the row (as you look towards the field).

    Skyline Suites

    This premier group entertainment opportunity is located on the Suite Concourse along the third base line and is the perfect venue for groups of 46 to 96 people. The climate-controlled Skyline Suites offer high-definition televisions in a spacious, indoor entertaining area that is ideal for conversing with your guests. The private outdoor seating area boasts spectacular views of both the field and downtown Minneapolis skyline. Ideal for hosting clients, employees, and your family, your package includes an extensive catering menu and a dedicated Skyline Suite staff to coordinate your Target Field baseball experience. The Skyline Suites offer you and your guests an opportunity to experience Twins baseball and Target Field from a different and truly spectacular perspective.


    Many skyways are open for use before, during, and after Twins games. For times and locations please refer to the Target Field Transportation Guide. There is a skyway from the "A" ramp that leads directly to the Club Concourse at Target Field.

    Smoking/Tobacco Policy

    Target Field is a tobacco-free facility. Guests who wish to smoke or use other tobacco products at a game are required to do so in the designated smoking areas outside the gates at Target Field. There is 1 designated smoking area at Target Field outside of Gate 6 on the Promenade. Guests exiting Target Field to smoke are required to abide by all re-entry guidelines. Please refer to the re-entry guidelines for more information.

    Spanish Broadcast

    The BOB FM radio group will broadcast a total of 50 games throughout the 2010 season, the most Spanish-language broadcasts in Twins' franchise history. Broadcasts will include Opening Night (April 5 vs. LAA), the Target Field Home Opener (April 12 vs. BOS), most Sunday games and the final Saturday game of the regular season (Oct. 2 vs. TOR). 50 regular season games and any playoff games will be broadcast on the BOB FM radio group including:

    • KBGY FM 107.5 and KLCI 106.1.2HD "La Mera Buena" in the Twin Cities and Southern MN.
    • WLKX FM 95.9 "Spirit FM" in the Twin Cities North Metro area and Western Wisconsin.

    Other BOB FM stations will pick up 15 games and any playoff games played including:

    • KDDG FM 105.5 "BOB FM" in St. Cloud and Central Minnesota.
    • KKLN FM 94.1 "The Power Loon" serving Willmar, Litchfield, and Hutchinson.

  • T

    TC Bear

    TC Bear is the official mascot of the Minnesota Twins. In his spare time TC likes to make appearances at Twins Youth Clinics, schools, hospitals, and parades throughout the year. TC is available for private events and birthday parties by contacting the Community Relations department at 612-659-3502.

    Target Field Tours

    Get an insider's view of the home of the Minnesota Twins. See areas of Target Field not usually accessible by the public such as the press box, suites and the Delta Sky 360 Legend's Club. School groups can enjoy tours specially geared for our younger fans. We anticipate launching the Target Field Tour program in May 2010. For more information on Target Field tours, call us at 612-659-3400.

    Target Plaza

    A pedestrian bridge and public gathering space connecting Target Field to the heart of downtown Minneapolis, Target Plaza spans more than two acres between 6th and 7th Streets in the Historic Warehouse District on the east side of Target Field. This dynamic new gathering space features a dramatic kinetic wind sculpture adorning the "B" ramp, and the Twins Tradition Wall. Proceeds generated by the Twins Tradition Wall will be used to help maintain Target Plaza.

    Taxi Service

    The Target Field Taxi Stands are located outside of Gate 3 on 3rd Ave and 5th St, and at 3rd Ave and 10th St. Please refer to the Target Field Transportation Guide for more information.


    The main Target Field Box Office is located on Target Plaza. During the season, its hours are 9:00am - 5:00pm on weekdays, and 9:00am - 4:00pm on Saturdays. It will also remain open through all home baseball games until 30 minutes after the conclusion of that game. Tickets may also be purchased online at, by phone at 1-800-33-TWINS or 612-33-TWINS or at the three Pro Shops in Roseville, Minnetonka, and Apple Valley.

    Advance tickets

    Guests are encouraged to purchase tickets well in advance of game-day, at the Target Field Box Office, by phone, online, at the Minnesota Twins pro-shops, and during any game at the ticket booths near sections 103, 113, and 204.

    Season tickets

    The Minnesota Twins offer full season tickets, two 40-game plans, and four 20-game plans, all of which include a fantastic roster of benefits. Please contact the Ticket Sales & Service Department at 612-375-7454 for more details about season tickets.

    Group tickets

    Groups of 25 or more receive preferred group seating, special group discounts, and scoreboard recognition, with larger discounts for your 2nd and 3rd group visits of the season. Single game event suites and other hospitality venues are also available for rental, and group leaders receive special rewards. Please contact the Ticket Sales &Service Department at 612-375-7454 for more details about organizing a group outing.

    Ticket Resale

    To avoid problems with counterfeit, stolen, or void tickets, purchase tickets only at the Target Field Box Office or from an authorized secondary-market ticket outlet. The official secondary-market ticket partner of MLB is Stubhub. Stubhub is the only authorized secondarymarket provider for all MLB teams, and may be reached online at The resale of Minnesota Twins tickets is strictly prohibited on Target Field property. Anyone doing so will be immediately removed from Target Field property.

    Transit Options

    Whether it is by car, bicycle, or public transit, fans have many options for getting to and from Target Field.

    Twins Care

    The Minnesota Twins and their corporate partners continue to provide complimentary tickets for organizations and charities serving disadvantaged children. Guests wishing to learn more about these programs should contact the Community Relations department at 612-659-3502.

    Twins Community Fund

    As the charitable arm of the Minnesota Twins, the Twins Community Fund benefits many Upper Midwest charities, focusing on families and children. For more information on the Community Fund, fans can pick up literature at any Guest Service Center, or contact the Community Affairs Department at 612-659-3502.

    Twins Credit Card

    The Minnesota Twins, in conjunction with U.S. Bank, are once again offering the Twins Mastercard. For information or to apply for a Twins Mastercard, please call 1-800- 808-1059.

    Twins Territory Team

    All fans are eligible to join the Twins Territory Team, the official fan club of Twins baseball. 2010 benefits include a Target Field tour, a subscription to "Gameday Premium," and a 15% discount at Twins Pro Shops in Apple Valley, Minnetonka and Roseville.

  • U


    Umbrellas are allowed into Target Field, but may not be used while sitting in the seating areas of the facility due to the obstructions they cause for other guests.

  • V

    Video Board

    The Daktronics video board display at Target Field is the fourth largest in Major League Baseball. It boasts 1080 lines of resolution and 4.4 trillion shades of color. The video board will use the latest Daktronics HD-16 technology with lines of LED pixels on 16.5 mm spacing. See how it stacks up to the Metrodome video board:

    ?Target FieldMetrodome
    Main Video Board 57' x 101' 19'x 34"
    Display Size/Square Footage of Display (5,757 sq. ft.) (1,292 sq. ft.)
    Resolution 1080 lines 256 lines
    Ribbon Board 8 displays
    1230 linear feet
    9 displays
    960 linear feet
    Out-Of-Town Scoreboard 12' x 109'
    real time display
    Bullpen Board 8'6" x 16' display N/A

    Video Cameras

    Guests are welcome to bring still cameras and video cameras into Target Field. The use of video cameras is permitted before the game; however Major League Baseball regulations prohibit the use of video cameras once the game begins. Guests are asked to avoid obstructing the views of others by standing in aisles when using video equipment. Video of Target Field or Twins players cannot be used commercially without written permission from the Minnesota Twins.

  • W

    Water Bottles

    Sealed, bottled-water of 32 oz or less is permitted into Target Field. Guests may also bring empty, sport-type water bottles and fill them at any water fountain throughout the ballpark.


    The Official Minnesota Twins website provides the latest Twins and player information and can be found at The Minnesota Twins are also on Facebook at Follow the Twins on twitter at, the official Twitter of the Minnesota Twins.

    Will Call

    Will call tickets can be picked up at any ticket window or ticket kiosk at Target Field. Will-call tickets may be picked-up at a ticket window anytime the Box Office is open.

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