Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: I have a piece of memorabilia and I'd like to find out its value, can the MLB Authentication Program help?
A: We do not appraise or attach values to any memorabilia.
Q: How can I get my personal memorabilia authenticated under the MLB Authentication Program?
A: Unfortunately, we do not authenticate past autographs or game-used items. Currently, our system only authenticates items that are directly witnessed by a designated MLB Authenticator at the moment it is signed or used and only in conjunction with a Club or MLB Authentication Licensee.
Q: My item has a hologram that begins with the letters DB, but I can't find that option on the dropdown menu.
A: The DB numbered hologram is not an authentication hologram; it is a hologram that designates the item as officially licensed. This hologram is never used for authentication by the MLB Authentication program for any autographed or game-used items. Authentication holograms are placed directly on the items themselves and include one of the letter combinations available on the dropdown list.
Q: I have a hologram that begins with a letter code on the dropdown list, but it is not in the system or is listed incorrectly, what should I do?
A: If you have an item which does not appear in the system, please e-mail an image of the hologram and a brief description and image of your item to Once we receive the image we will investigate the matter and get back to you as soon as possible.
Q: I have an item that is listed as Team Issued, what does this mean?
A: Team Issued is a designation by an independent third-party authenticator who attests that the item was issued by the Club to its clubhouse. This designation is not intended to determine use of the item in any capacity.
Q: When I try and print the Authentication printout off, no background images appear.
A: When users print the Authentication printout from the site, they must make sure their printing preferences are set to print background images. The default printing setting is to not print background images.

In Chrome, users will need to click on the "File" menu dropdown>Print>and check the "Background graphics."

In IE, users will need to click on the "Tools" menu dropdown>Print>Page setup> and check "Print Background Colors and Images."

In Firefox, users will need to click on the "File" menu dropdown>Print>Show Details>and check the "Print Background (colors and images.)"