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Program Information


Authenticator applying tamper proof hologram to playoff base.

The Major League Baseball Authentication Program is the most comprehensive league-wide memorabilia authentication initiative in professional sports. Since its launch in 2001, it has become the industry standard for autographed and game-used sports memorabilia authentication. Designed to distinguish officially authenticated MLB memorabilia from other items on the market, the program offers an objective third-party authentication system that guarantees genuine memorabilia for all MLB fans. Referencing System
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Hologram Details


Major League Baseball Properties schedules third party authenticators from Authenticators, Inc. for every MLB game. Only those items that an authenticator actually witness being signed and/or used in a game may be eligible for authentication under the MLB Authentication Program. Once witnessed, items receive a tamper-proof hologram created by OpSec, U.S. with a unique alpha-numeric combination to easily identify its authenticity.

Tracking the Item

Authenticated items are offered to key retail partners of Major League Baseball Properties or on Fans can easily distinguish officially authenticated MLB memorabilia from other items by locating the official authentication hologram.

Posting on

Once fans receive their authenticated piece of memorabilia, they can trace the unique serial number on the Authentication database located on This convenient reference database enables fans to easily identify all of the details surrounding their new item. Since its inception in 2001, the Major League Baseball Authentication Program is responsible for authenticating almost 4,200,000 items, allowing fans to ensure their memorabilia is 100% genuine piece of their favorite pastime. It’s easy to get the real goods – just check for the official seal of authentication.

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