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2007 All-Star Game
Rosters: By Team
American League:  East | Central | West
National League:  East | Central | West
More rosters:  Enhanced
By League
By Vote
ALAmerican League
BLUE JAYS (1):  Alex Rios, OF
DEVIL RAYS (1): Carl Crawford, OF
ORIOLES (1):  Brian Roberts, 2B
RED SOX (6):  Josh Beckett, P; Mike Lowell, 3B; Hideki Okajima #, P; David Ortiz, 1B; Jonathan Papelbon, P; Manny Ramirez, OF
YANKEES (3):  Derek Jeter, SS; Jorge Posada, C; Alex Rodriguez, 3B
INDIANS (3):  Victor Martinez, C; C.C. Sabathia, P; Grady Sizemore, OF
ROYALS (1):  Gil Meche, P
TIGERS (5):  Carlos Guillen, SS; Magglio Ordonez, OF; Placido Polanco, 2B; Ivan Rodriquez, C; Justin Verlander, P
TWINS (3):  Torii Hunter, OF; Justin Morneau, 1B; Johan Santana, P
WHITE SOX (1):  Bobby Jenks, P
ANGELS (3):  Vladimir Guerrero, OF; John Lackey, P; Francisco Rodriguez, P
ATHLETICS (1): Dan Haren, P
MARINERS (2):  J.J. Putz, P; Ichiro Suzuki, OF
RANGERS (1):  Michael Young, SS

ALNational League
BRAVES (2):  Brian McCann, C; John Smoltz º, P
MARLINS (1):  Miguel Cabrera, 3B
METS (4):  Carlos Beltran, OF; Jose Reyes, SS; Billy Wagner, P; David Wright, 3B
NATIONALS (1):  Dmitri Young, 1B
PHILLIES (3):  Cole Hamels, P; Aaron Rowand, OF; Chase Utley, 2B
ASTROS (2):  Carlos Lee, OF; Roy Oswalt ª, P
BREWERS (4):  Francisco Cordero, P; Prince Fielder, 1B; J.J. Hardy, SS; Ben Sheets, P
CARDINALS (1):  Albert Pujols, 1B
CUBS (2):  Derrek Lee, 1B; Alfonso Soriano, OF
PIRATES (1):  Freddy Sanchez, 2B
REDS (1):  Ken Griffey Jr, OF
DIAMONDBACKS (3):  Orlando Hudson, 2B; Jose Valverde, P; Brandon Webb ª, P
DODGERS (3):  Russell Martin, C; Brad Penny, P; Takashi Saito, P
GIANTS (1):  Barry Bonds, OF
PADRES (3):  Trevor Hoffman, P; Jake Peavy, P; Chris Young #, P
ROCKIES (2):  Brian Fuentes º, P ; Matt Holliday, OF
#  Final Vote Selection
º  Injured, will not participate
ª  Named as replacement