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All-Star Game, July 14, 2009, Busch Stadium, St. Louis

2009 All-Star Game News Archive - May 2009

  • Jeter leads the way in early balloting

    If the early polls are any indication, Derek Jeter is headed for his 10th 10th All-Star Game berth. The popular Yankees captain leads all AL players with 664,630 votes.

  • Pujols top vote-getter for National League

    In the first weekly update on National League balloting for the 2009 All-Star Game, Albert Pujols flexed his muscle with nearly 900,000 votes to lead all contenders. The Brewers, meanwhile, have leaders at two positions, with six others serving as runners-up.

  • Nominate the All-Stars Among Us

    At 11:59 p.m. ET on Friday, the nomination period is over. Whoever has been nominated at that point might have the thrill of a lifetime: going to St. Louis on July 14 to be honored on the field at the All-Star Game.

  • Votebook: Strength in numbers in outfield

    Even though more players move from league to league than in the past, both the AL and NL have a number of strong All-Star candidates in the outfield.

  • Votebook: It's wide open for catchers

    The balance at the catcher position should fuel heavy competition at the ballot boxes for the honors of starting in the All-Star Game on July 14 in St. Louis.

  • Votebook: Hot bats in hot corner

    Not only is third base one of the Major Leagues' most star-studded and productive positions, but the choices also break down to priorities. Which rocks your vote -- high numbers, or high profile?

  • Manuel tabs Torre to join All-Star staff

    Dodgers manager Joe Torre has six All-Star Game managerial assignments on his resume, and he'll add a coaching role this summer in St. Louis on Charlie Manuel's staff.

  • Votebook: Jeter leads shortstop class

    Derek Jeter, in line for his 10th All-Star Game appearance, would be a familiar face at shortstop in the AL, while Jimmy Rollins, Jose Reyes and Hanley Ramirez give fans a tough choice in the NL.

  • Votebook: Pujols heads list of forces at first

    It's early May, All-Star ballots are all over Major League ballparks, and one of the names baseball fans all across America are immediately drawn to can be found smack in the middle of the 16 choices for first base in the National League. Albert Pujols.

  • Votebook: Getting it 'write' on the ballot

    It can't be helped: Every year, some surprising players who didn't make the All-Star ballot will have All-Star-caliber seasons. That's why there is a place to write in votes on both the printed and online ballots.

  • Votebook: Power options at second

    Second basemen have always been asked to bat softly and carry a big mitt. They've traditionally been the eighth-place hitters in lineups. Now look at them, no longer a collection of sad sackers.