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  • Joey Votto | Cincinnati Reds

    Current Rank as of 7/8: 1st

    Campaign Manager: fortminor1013

    Deputy Campaign Mgr: nkemme

    Asst Campaign Mgr: t2tilford

  • Ryan Zimmerman | Washington Nationals

    Current Rank as of 7/8: 2nd

    Campaign Manager: sreed73

    Deputy Campaign Mgr: george.longenecker

    Asst Campaign Mgr: lauraannmurphy

  • Carlos Gonzalez | Colorado Rockies

    Current Rank as of 7/8: 3rd

    Campaign Manager: humbertopc

    Deputy Campaign Mgr: melstroh

    Asst Campaign Mgr: jefe13

  • Billy Wagner | Atlanta Braves

    Current Rank as of 7/8: 4th

    Campaign Manager: criollocag

    Deputy Campaign Mgr: larryecko3

    Asst Campaign Mgr: mister_kostmayer