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2002 All-Star Game Futures Game
Reds outfield prospect Wily Mo Pena and Dodgers pitching prospect Ricardo Rodriguez pose before the Futures Game at Miller Park. (Daria DeBuono/
World reigns in Futures Game
Jose Reyes drove in three runs as the World team defeated the U.S. team 5-1 Sunday in the All-Star Futures Game at Miller Park. More >

All-Star Futures Game
 Final R H E
 World All-Stars 5 9 0
 U.S. All-Stars 1 3 1

Reyes named MVP
Bauman: Molitor gets taste of managing
Futures players answer e-mail
• Notebooks: U.S. | World
Henson is grand man of Futures Game
Concepcion happy to be around Majors
Batting Around with Joe Borchard
Rosters: U.S. | World   Bios: U.S. | World

 Prospects get glimpse of big time
 These guys have a future
 Futures Game award named after Larry Doby
  Molitor, Concepcion to manage All-Star Futures teams

2002 Futures Game
56K | 300K
Plays of the game
56K | 300K

Futures Broadcast
MVP Jose Reyes
U.S. Manager
World Manager
Ozzie Smith

Prospects talk to MLB:

Player (Organization) B/T HT/WT Birthplace Current Team
Baker, Brad (Padres) R/R 6-3/195 ------- Mobile (Southern/AA)
Burnett, Sean (Pirates) L/L 6-1/176 Dunedin, FL Lynchburg (Carolina/A)
Cook, Aaron (Rockies) R/R 6-3/175 Ft. Campbell, KY Colorado Springs (Pacific Coast/AAA)
Dittfurth, Ryan (Rangers) R/R 6-6/180 ------- Tulsa (Texas/AA)
Evert, Brett (Braves) L/R 6-6/200 Salem, OR Greenville (Southern/AA)
Journell, Jimmy (Cardinals) R/R 6-4/205 Springfield, OH New Haven (Eastern/AA)
Karp, Josh (Expos) R/R 6-5/210 ------- Harrisburg (Eastern/AA)
Myers, Brett (Phillies) R/R 6-4/215 Jacksonville, FL Scranton (International/AAA)
Traber, Billy (Indians) L/L 6-5/205 Torrance, CA Akron (Eastern/AA)
Wainwright, Adam (Braves) R/R 6-6/190 Brunswick, GA Myrtle Beach (Carolina/A)
Young, Jason (Rockies) R/R 6-5/214 Oakland, CA Carolina (Southern/AA)
Player (Organization) B/T HT/WT Birthplace Current Team
Buck, John (Astros) R/R 6-3/210 Kemmerer, WY Round Rock (Texas/AA)
Cash, Kevin (Blue Jays) R/R 6-0/185 ------- Syracuse (International/AAA)
Player (Organization) B/T HT/WT Birthplace Current Team
Hall, Bill (Brewers) R/R 6-0/175 Nettleton, MS Indianapolis (International/AAA)
Hart, Corey (Brewers) R/R 6-6/180 Bowling Green, KY High Desert (California/A)
Henson, Drew (Yankees) R/R 6-5/222 San Diego, CA Columbus (International/AAA)
Hudson, Orlando (Blue Jays) S/R 6-0/185 Darlington, SC Syracuse (International/AAA)
Overbay, Lyle (Diamondbacks) L/L 6-2/215 Centralia, WA Tucson (Pacific Coast/AAA)
Phillips, Brandon (Expos) R/R 5-11/185 Raleigh, NC Ottawa (International/AAA)
Stokes, Jason (Marlins) R/R 6-4/225 Irving, TX Kane County (Midwest/A)
Tracy, Chad (Diamondbacks) L/R 6-2/190 Charlotte, NC El Paso (Texas/AA)
Player (Organization) B/T HT/WT Birthplace Current Team
Borchard, Joe (White Sox) S/R 6-5/220 Panorama City, CA Charlotte (International/AAA)
Byrd, Marlon (Phillies) R/R 6-0/225 Boynton Beach, FL Scranton (International/AAA)
Crawford, Carl (Devil Rays) L/L 6-2/219 Houston, TX Durham (International/AAA)
Restovich, Michael (Twins) R/R 6-4/245 Rochester, MN Edmonton (Pacific Coast/AAA)

Player (Organization) B/T HT/WT Birthplace Current Team
Almonte, Edwin (White Sox) R/R 6-3/200 Dominican Republic Charlotte (International/AAA)
Beltran, Francis (Cubs) R/R 6-5/220 Santo Domingo, DR West Tennessee (Southern/AA)
De La Rosa, Jorge (Red Sox) L/L 6-1/192 Monterey, Mexico Sarasota (Florida State/A)
Garcia, Gerardo (Devil Rays) R/R 6-0/176 Nuevo Leon, Mexico Durham (International/AAA)
German, Franklyn (Athletics) R/R 6-4/265 San Cristobal, DR Midland (Texas/AA)
Liriano, Francisco (Giants) L/L 6-2/185 San Cristobal, DR Hagerstown (South Atlantic/A)
Rodriguez, Francisco (Angels) R/R 6-0/175 Caracas, Venezuela Salt Lake (Pacific Coast/AAA)
Rodriguez, Ricardo (Dodgers) R/R 6-3/165 Manga, DR Jacksonville (Southern/AA)
Song, Seung (Red Sox) R/R 6-1/192 Pusan, South Korea Trenton (Eastern/AA)
Stephens, John (Orioles) R/R 6-1/204 Sydney, Australia Rochester (International/AAA)
Player (Organization) B/T HT/WT Birthplace Current Team
Huber, Justin (Mets) R/R 6-5/190 Melbourne, Australia Capital City (South Atlantic/A)
Martinez, Victor (Indians) S/R 6-2/185 Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela Akron (Eastern/AA)
Player (Organization) B/T HT/WT Birthplace Current Team
Berroa, Angel (Royals) R/R 6-0/175 Santo Domingo, DR Omaha (Pacific Coast/AAA)
Cabrera, Miguel (Marlins) R/R 6-2/185 Maracay, Venezuela Jupiter (Florida State/A)
Choi, Hee Seop (Cubs) L/L 6-5/240 Chun-Nam, Korea Iowa (Pacific Coast/AAA)
Diaz, Victor (Dodgers) R/R 6-0/200 Santo Domingo, DR So. Georgia (/A)
Infante, Omar (Tigers) R/R 6-0/150 Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela Toledo (International/AAA)
Lopez, Jose (Mariners) R/R 6-2/170 Anzoategui, Venezuela San Bernardino (California/A)
Morneau, Justin (Twins) L/R 6-4/205 New Westminster, BC New Britain (Eastern/AA)
Reyes, Jose (Mets) S/R 6-0/160 Villa Gonzalez, DR St. Lucie (Florida State/A)
Player (Organization) B/T HT/WT Birthplace Current Team
Alvarez, Tony (Pirates) R/R 6-1/200 Caracas, Venezuela Altoona (Eastern/AA)
Choo, Shin-Soo (Mariners) L/L 5-11/178 Pusan, Korea Wisconsin (Midwest/A)
Pena, Wily Mo (Reds) R/R 6-3/215 Lagunda Salada, DR Chattanooga (Southern/AA)
Torres, Andres (Tigers) S/R 5-10/189 Aguada, Puerto Rico Toledo (International/AAA)