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celebrating black history month
Reggie Jackson (left) talks with Yankees outfielder Hideki Matsui during Spring Training in Tampa, Fla. (AP)
Reggie still a role model
In his playing days, Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson was a role model to many of the African-American players in the game today. Some players say that they are still intimidated by his presence when they first meet him. More >

Lyons leads through service
As the Rangers Vice President of Community Development, Norm Lyons is responsible for spearheading a host of programs that have benefited the community and minorities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Serving the community is Lyon's job, his passion and all he's ever wanted to do. More > presents features from all 30 clubs celebrating Black History Month during February:

American League

Additional features from the world of Baseball commemorating Black History Month:
National League

mlb radio Celebrating Black History Month

• Feb. 5: Negro Leagues Legend Buck O'Neil on his playing days

• Feb. 12: Dr. Leslie A. Heaphy and Ulice Payne Jr. President & CEO of the Brewers
• Feb. 14: Former Met Ed Charles reflected on his experiences with Jackie Robinson.
• Feb. 20: Al Oliver and Ralph Branca

legacy awards
cool papa bell Legacy Awards honor Schuerholz
The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum honored the top Major Leaguers and executives with special awards named after Negro Leagues legends at the annual event held on Feb. 7.
history on
josh gibson NEGRO LEAGUES looks back on the Negro Leagues, with team histories, photo galleries, multimedia and more.

A in-depth timeline at the different eras of Jackie's career, life, and impact on American society.