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Effa Manley becomes the first woman to enter the Hall of Fame. (Courtesy National Baseball Hall of Fame)
Negro Leaguers, first woman in HOF
A special panel of 12 historians and Negro League experts selected 17 electees, including the first woman, to the National Baseball Hall of Fame on Monday. Full story >
Big leaguers pay tribute
Major Leaguers are quick to acknowledge that they owe a debt to pioneers of the Negro Leagues. 

sights and sounds
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• profiles Oscar Charleston:  350K
• profiles Mule Suttles:  350K
• profiles Buck Leonard:  350K
• profiles Ben Taylor:  350K
• profiles James "Cool Papa" Bell:  350K
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sights and sounds
Pre-Negro Leagues Ballot:
Negro Leagues Ballot:
Sammy T. Hughes
Biz Mackey
Jud Wilson
John Beckwith
William Bell
Dobie Moore
Buck O'Neil
Alex Pompez
Chet Brewer
Ray Brown
Willard Brown
Bill Byrd
Dick Lundy
Red Parnell
Fats Jenkins
Effa Manley
Cristobal Torriente
Cum Posey
J.L. Wilkinson
Newt Allen
Andy Cooper
Rap Dixon
Mule Suttles
Oliver Marcelle
Minnie Minoso
Alejandro Oms
George Scales
Candy Jim Taylor
C.I. Taylor
Buck LeonardNegro Leagues legacy
From the archives: Features on popular players, team histories, video clips, photo galleries and more.
Jackie Robinson Day
April 15, 2004 marked the beginning of an annual celebration throughout Major League Baseball.

Black History Month Archive:  2005 |  2004 |  2003