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Various sources list the 1931 Grays' record from 138-6 to 163-23. (National Baseball Hall of Fame Library)
1931 Homestead Grays ranked best of all time
The 1931 Homestead Grays, who barnstormed and took on teams from all over, featured five Hall of Famers in Josh Gibson, Oscar Charleston, Jud "Boojum" Wilson, Smokey Joe Williams and Willie Foster.   Full story >
It's never too early for young students to let art draw them to baseball. The opportunity exists through the Rockies, who are conducting the first Jackie Robinson Youth Artistic Contest.    More >

 • Black Giants were treated like royalty
 • Compton academy pays dividends in first year
 • Hill's Midwest League stay shrouded in mystery
 • Gibson's power was legendary
 • Crawfords were best team money could buy
 • Glenn fondly recalls time in Negro Leagues
 • Easter was beloved by teammates, fans
 • Indianapolis ABCs' small ball won big
 • Great pitching boosted '42 Monarchs
 • '43 Grays -- comparable to '27 Yanks?
 • Diversity in baseball remains priority
 • Artie Wilson carved a niche in PCL
 • Pumpsie Green a reluctant pioneer
 • Gaston takes pride in Super Bowl
 • Documentary shines on Doby's legacy
 • Red Sox recall Robinson's impact
 • The little-known 'Minors' of the Negro Leagues
 • First Civil Rights Game set for March 31
 • Negro Leaguers, first woman inducted in HOF
 • Big leaguers pay tribute to Negro Leaguers
 • Test your Negro Leagues knowledge
 • O'Neil, Negro Leagues player, dies at 94
 • Bauman: O'Neil bigger than the game itself
 • MLB unveils Urban Youth Academy
 • Enter the Breaking Barriers essay contest
 • MLB Diverse Business Partners home page

Buck LeonardNegro Leagues legacy
From the archives: Features on popular players, team histories, video clips, photo galleries and more. More >
Jackie Robinson Day
April 15, 2004 marked the beginning of an annual celebration throughout Major League Baseball. More >
Breaking the Color Barrier's Billy Sample hosts a roundtable discussion about Jackie Robinson's legacy. Watch >

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• Civil Rights Game announced:  350K
• Jimmie Lee Solomon interview:  350K
• Hall of Fame announcement:  350K
• Solomon discusses RBI program:  350K
• Negro Leagues Museum tour:  350K
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