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 Barry Bonds points into the crowd after hitting his 661st career homer. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
Bonds tops Mays with 661

More history was made April 13, 2004, at SBC Park when Barry Bonds passed his godfather, Willie Mays, by hitting home run No. 661. He's now all alone in third place on Major League Baseball's all-time homer list.  More >
 Watch No. 661: 56K | 350K  Listen
Photos No. 661 photo gallery
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660 COVERAGE ::..::..
Say Hey! Bonds ties Mays
History was made April 12 at SBC Park's Opening Day when Barry Bonds tied his godfather, Willie Mays, by hitting home run No. 660. Mays figuratively and literally passed the torch to his godson. More >

Schlegel: Weight of wait is lifted
After a winter of soul-searching and controversy, Barry Bonds exuded utter relief and joy upon reaching the first milestone that really means something to him, not only as a ballplayer but as a person. More >

Teammates awed by Bonds
When they're gray and enfeebled, pushing their walkers, the Giants of 2004 will recall that at 2:46 p.m. Pacific Time on April 12 at SBC Park, they witnessed Bonds crush career homer No. 660. More >

Floating fan happy to return 660
Larry Ellison, who retrieved Barry Bonds' 660th homer from the waters of McCovey Cove, could have tried to cash in on the historic ball. Instead, he cheerfully returned it to Bonds, hoping -- though not expecting -- to just receive some memorabilia in exchange. More >

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    How many homers will Barry Bonds
    hit in his career?
    Less than 700
    700 or more, less than 714
    714 or more, less than 755
    755 or more, less than 800
    800 or more
    Stats | Timeline | Photos
    • 660th HR, '04: 56K | 350K
    • 600th HR, '02: 56K | 300K
    • 500th HR, '01: Audio
    • 2001 HR swings: 56K | 300K
    • 400th HR, '98: 56K | 300K
    • 1st HR, '86: 56K | 300K
    Stats | Timeline | Photos
    • interview: 350K
    • 600th HR, '70: 56K | 300K
    • 4 HR/1 game, '61: 56K | 300K
    • The Catch, '54: 56K | 300K
    • Rookie year, '51: 56K | 300K
    • "Say Hey" song: 56K | 300K
    • Farewell speech: 56K | 300K
     Bobby Bonds:  Mays was a teacher:   56K | 300K

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