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2009 Civil Rights Game

Chicago White Sox vs. Cincinnati Reds June 20 at the Great American Ballpark, Cincinnati

Civil Rights Game helps carry on lessons of movement

Hank Aaron (right) stands with Reds manager Dusty Baker
and his son, Darren, prior to the game. (Getty Images)
Barack Obama is President and Major League Baseball has been integrated for 62 years. Times have changed, but the prevailing theme at the 2009 Civil Rights Game weekend in Cincinnati -- where the White Sox defeated the Reds and the Beacon Awards Luncheon provided an apt centerpiece -- was that the civil rights movement marches inexorably on. More >

2008: Mets vs. White Sox

The second Civil Rights Game in Memphis, Tenn., capped a weekend of events that celebrated the role baseball has played in the historical struggle for equal rights in America. The weekend served as a salute to a partnership that has stretched through most of the 20th century. More >

2007: Cardinals vs. Indians

There were no marching bands or fireworks. The inaugural Civil Rights Game and its associated activities weren't about all that. They were about memorializing a movement in which Major League Baseball had a significant role. More >

Reds Hall of Fame and Museum

Experience Cincinnati baseball year-round with changing exhibits, player appearances, interactive exhibits and much more. More >