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2011 Civil Rights Game

Civil Rights Game History
    • 2010: Cardinals vs. Reds
    • Willie Mays, Billy Jean King and Harry Belafonte were recognized with MLB Beacon Awards during a moving Civil Rights weekend in Cincinnati.
    • 2009: White Sox vs. Reds
    • The prevailing theme at the 2009 Civil Rights Game weekend in Cincinnati was that the civil rights movement marches inexorably on.
    • 2008: Mets vs. White Sox
    • The second Civil Rights Game capped a weekend of events that celebrated the role baseball has played in the historical struggle for equal rights.
    • 2007: Cardinals vs. Indians
    • The inaugural Civil Rights Game and events were about memorializing a movement in which Major League Baseball had a significant role.
Civil Rights Game Spotlight
2011 Civil Rights Game Week Recap
Friday, May 13
Baseball & the Civil Rights Movement Roundtable Discussion: Recap |  Video
Saturday, May 14
Civil Rights Game Youth Summit/"Wanna Play?"
Recap |  Video |  Photo gallery
MLB Beacon Awards Banquet: Recap |  Videos
Sunday, May 15
Fifth Annual Civil Rights Game: Braves 3, Phillies 2 Game recap |  Uggla's home run

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