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Justin Upton, a shortstop from Virginia, is the brother of Tampa Bay's B.J. Upton.
Upton pick signals reverse in draft trend
The Diamondbacks selected high school shortstop Justin Upton as the top pick in the 2005 First-Year Player Draft on Tuesday. It was the sixth time in the last seven years that a high school player has gone in the top spot, and while the draft trended early toward collegians, the prep ranks produced its highest percentage in the draft in 10 years. Full story >
Bloodlines have historically run strong in Major League Baseball. And this year's First-Year Player Draft, which included John Mayberry Jr., son of the two-time All-Star going in the first round on Tuesday, is just another bit of proof.  More >
Justin Upton's reaction:
Justin Upton shares his thoughts shortly after being selected No. 1 overall.  350K
Ryan Braun's reaction:
Ryan Braun talks about being selected by the Brewers.  350K
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