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2005 First-Year Player Draft Tracker
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 1Justin UptonGreat Bridge HSSSR/R6'1"1951987-08-25HS56K | 350K
COMMENT: Lean, athletic build on large frame. Similar to Edgar Renteria. Quiet hitting approach w/ outstanding bat speed. Can drive balls to all fields. Good plate coverage and extension. No major mechanical flaws. Future five-tool player.
 2Alex GordonU Nebraska Lincoln3BL/R6'1"2101984-02-104YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Medium, sturdy, compact build. Overall body strength. Strong legs. Swing w/ lift for power. Good knowledge of strike zone. Sound hitting approach. Excellent bat speed through zone. Long ball potential. Solid arm. Steady, reliable fielder. Confident approach at plate.
 3Jeffrey ClementU Southern CaliforniaCL/R6'1"2101983-08-214YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Good upper body strength. Muscular arms. Similar to Tyler Houston. Short, compact stroke. Gamer, plays w/ intensity.
 4Ryan ZimmermanU Virginia3BR/R6'2"2101984-09-284YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Strong, athletic build on a large build. Similar to Aaron Boone. Quick, line-drive stroke. Drives ball w/ regular contact. Gap-type power. Soft hands. Good instincts. Fun to watch.
 5Ryan BraunU Miami3BR/R6'2"2001983-11-174YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Medium build. Athletic frame. Round shoulders. Body similar to Aaron Boone. Aggressive hitter, hits to all fields. Quick bat. Makes adjustments at plate. Power to all fields. Runs well, long strides. Avg arm strength. Makes plays in field. Solid 5-tool player.
 6Ricardo RomeroCal St FullertonLHPR/L6'1"1951984-11-064YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Fluid, easy delivery. Has two kinds of FB: a slider-like cutter and a nasty sinker that drops late. Can change speeds on 12-6 CB. Features a sharp slider. Very intense on the mound, keeps hitters off-balance. Potential front-end starter.
 7Troy TulowitzkiLong Beach StSSR/R6'3"2051984-10-104YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Big, strong, well proportioned physique. Similar to Bobby Crosby. Excellent bat speed. Aggressive hitter w/ good extension. Soft, quick hands, average runner. Solid ML defensive tools w/ a chance to hit with power. Shows no glaring weakness.
 8Wade TownsendRice URHPR/R6'4"2301983-02-22NS56K | 350K
 9Michael PelfreyWichita St URHPR/R6'7"2101984-01-144YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Tall RHP w/ long limbs. Throws a FB that bores into hitters when up in the zone, sinks when down in the zone. Throws a power CB w/ some slider-like action. Also has a change-up.
 10Cameron MaybinT C Roberson HSCFR/R6'3"2001987-04-04HS 
COMMENT: Medium-large frame. Plus body. Evenly proportioned. High waist, long limbs, especially arms.Tremendous bat speed. Generates a lot of lift in the ball. Long arms provide plenty of plate coverage. Has toyed with the idea of switch-hitting.
 11Andrew McCutchenFort Meade HSCFR/R5'11"1751986-10-10HS56K | 350K
COMMENT: Wiry, athletic body w/ strong wrists and forearms. Gap-to-gap hitter w/ some pop, he has had success w/ wooden bats. Good first step and acceleration in center; exciting, five-tool player.
 12Jay BruceWestbrook HSCFL/L6'3"1951987-04-03HS56K | 350K
COMMENT: Large frame. Broad, sloped shoulders. Body similar to a young Larry Walker. Aggressive, stroke w/ strength & lift for power. Loose, strong wrists w/ flick. Ball jumps off bat. Loose arm. Plus OF instincts. Five-tool player. Complete package.
 13Brandon SnyderWestfield HSCR/R6'2"01986-11-23HS 
 14Trevor CroweU ArizonaCFS/R6'0"1901983-11-174YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Medium-large, compact. Athletic frame. Developed lower half. Short, compact stroke. Sprays line drive to all fields. Aggressive, intense, gamer w/ plus baseball instincts.
 15Lance BroadwayTexas Christian URHPR/R6'4"1901983-08-204YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Slender frame. Trim look. Rounded shoulders. Similar to Justin Duchscherer. Aggressive w/ FB, occasional avg velocity, control both sides of plate. Spiked CB, 12-6 break. Uses natural 3/4 CB as off speed. Command of both pitches. Fields position well.
 16Christopher VolstadPalm Beach Gardens HSRHPR/R6'7"1901986-09-23HS56K | 350K
COMMENT: Tall, lanky RHP w/ long limbs. Throws strikes w/ all pitches. FB that explodes right out of his hands, he can also sink it into RHH. CB has a sharp, 3/4 break and throws a deceptive change. Mixes pitches well w/ good command. Smart kid w/ a big ceiling, he goes right after hitters.
 17Carl HenryPutnam City HSSSR/R6'3"2051986-05-31HS56K | 350K
COMMENT: Built similar to Alex Rodriguez. Similar kinds of ability. Puts some strength into a slightly uppercut swing. Home run power from alley to alley. Quick and agile in the infield w/ sure hands. Likes to run. Good instincts on the base paths. Makes everything look easy.
 18Cesar CarrilloU MiamiRHPR/R6'3"1771984-04-294YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Medium build. Slender frame. Square shoulders. Similar to Julian Tavarez. FB explodes out of hand w/ life late in zone. Two-seam FB sinks into RHH. Tight rotation, 3/4 break CB for strikes. Deceptive change. RHP w/ three quality pitches. Hammers the strike zone. Poised.
 19John MayberryStanford URFR/R6'6"2301983-12-214YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Impressive physique. Extra-large frame. Evenly proportioned throughout. Leverage, power on extention. Controls barrel. Very hard contact to all fields. Easy fielder w/ plus arm. Light on his feet. Athletic w/ power potential. Former first round draft pick out of H.S. Ready to play now.
 20Mark PawelekSpringville HSLHPL/L6'3"1901986-08-18HS56K | 350K
COMMENT: LHP w/ ideal pitcher's frame. Tall and long w/ lean muscle. Explosive low-90s FB that sink and run come out of a quick, loose whip-like delivery. CB is out pitch, w/ 1-7 break that comes near the plate.
 21Clifton PenningtonTexas A&M USSS/R5'11"1801984-06-154YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Switch-hitter uses a short, compact swing from both sides. Patient, line-drive contact hitter. Pest on the base paths. Tries to make things happen. Good infield arm and solid instincts, has a knack for making great play. Very high energy and fun to watch. Great make-up.
 22Aaron ThompsonSecond Baptist SchoolLHPL/L6'3"1951987-02-28HS56K | 350K
COMMENT: Large, strong lefty. Fluid motion and easy delivery. Moves his upper 80s FB well to both sides of plate. Potential for effective slider. Good pick-off move. Polished an poised.
 23Jacoby EllsburyOregon St UCFL/L6'1"1851983-09-114YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Medium frame. Live, lean, athletic build. Pure athletic. Leadoff CF profile w/ impact speed both ways. Contact hitter w/ a level, compact swing. Uses the whole field. Gap to gap power.
 24Brian BogusevicTulane ULHPL/L6'3"2151984-02-184YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Similar to Mark Mulder. Good delivery and mechanics. FB has late sink. Slider is out pitch. Circle change has deception and movement.
 25Matthew Albidrez-GarzaFresno St URHPR/R6'4"1851983-11-264YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Long, slender frame w/ loose, fluid arm from 3/4 arm slot. FB runs 93-94 mph. Curve tight w/ late bite and depth. Strong work ethic will help improvement.
 26Craig HansenSt Johns URHPR/R6'6"2101983-11-154YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Body tapers down from high, extra-wide, slant shoulders. Low elbow in delivery causes deception. Aggressive approach, challenges. Two power pitches. Explosive FB life, 93-94 mph. Sliders 85 mph. Legit weapon vs. RHH. Throws strikes. Comes right at you.
 27Joseph DevineNorth Carolina St URHPR/R5'11"1951983-09-194YR56K | 350K
 28Colby RasmusRussell County HSCFL/L6'1"1751986-08-11HS56K | 350K
COMMENT: Similar to Steve Finley w/ a wiry, well-proportioned build. Spray hitter who will go w/ pitch. Makes good contact. Patient at the plate. Savvy and instincts for game. Passionate about baseball.
 29Jacob MarceauxMcNeese St URHPR/R6'1"1951984-02-144YR 
 30James GreeneGeorgia TechSSR/R6'2"1851983-08-174YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Body similar to Derek Jeter. Generates bat speed w/ strength. Short, fluid stroke. Attacks pitchers mistakes. Ball jumps off the bat. Fairly soft hands. Easy throws, good carry. Good athlete at premium position.
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