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2005 First-Year Player Draft Tracker
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 321Brett JacobsonCactus Shadows HSRHPR/R6'6"1901986-11-09HS56K | 350K
COMMENT: Good projectable/ Athletic body. Tall & long. Ideal pitcher's frame. Quick, easy arm action. Good downhill plane. FB comfort level at 90-91 mph early in games. Feel for hard, tight, late-breaking CB. 3/4 sweep and depth for strikes.
 322Michael PennU MichiganRHPS/R6'4"2001982-04-214YR 
 323Brian ContrerasPuerto Rico BB Academy HSCFS/R6'2"1751987-08-10HS56K | 350K
COMMENT: Medium-large, well proportioned frame. Premium athlete. Compact stroke. Alley power. Smooth graceful runner. Good work habits.
 324John LannanSiena ColLHPL/L6'5"2001984-09-274YR 
COMMENT: Lean frame. Very long arms and legs. FB has tail action away from RHH, effective down. Sharp CB at times. Changes speeds w/ FB & CB ball. Works corners, stays ahead most of time. Good make up. Poised on mound.
 325Brent AllarWeatherford ColRHPR/R6'2"2101985-03-01JR 
COMMENT: Tall athletic body. Similar to Mike DeJean. Fastball sinks w/ very good velocity. Challenges hitters. Also throws circle change.
 326Wesley StoneAB Miller HSSSR/R5'10"1701987-04-16HS 
COMMENT: Compact athletic frame. Evenly proportioned. Similar to Rey Ordonez. Level, line-drive swing. Consistent contact. Short, compact stroke. Aggressive hitter w/ a FB approach. Feet work well, fluid turning the double play. Quick release. Scrappy. Polished defensive tools.
 327Chris FreyU ArizonaLFL/L6'1"1751983-08-114YR 
 328Jeffrey KamrathU VirginiaRHPR/R0'0"01982-04-064YR 
 329Luis MartinezJackson State CCRFR/R6'0"1821985-04-03JR 
COMMENT: Flashes power to all fields. Best power is to pull. Above average arm strength, could get even better. Body similar to Alex Ochoa.
 330Anthony ClaggettUC RiversideRHPS/R6'2"1851984-07-154YR 
 331Christopher JonesLong Beach StCR/R6'1"2051983-02-274YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Strong, well proportioned body. Strong lower half. Good body for a catcher. Strength to generate good bat speed. Good bat control. Drives the ball to all fields. Major League arm w/ good carry and quick release. Steady, consistent performer.
 332Charles FisherLewis & Clark St ColRHPR/R6'4"2201983-02-224YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Extra-large frame. Striking, athletic build. Good overall strength. Built like Dewon Brazelton. Plus arm strength. Power approach. FB velocity 91-93 w/ two-seam tail, occasional run. Hard slider, good velocity. Fiery competitor.
 333Michael GallawayMissouri Valley ColLHPR/L6'3"2001982-09-174YR 
COMMENT: Tall, medium frame. Strong lower body. Overall body strength. FB 87-89 mph. Aggressive, attacks hitters. Quality 3/4 tilt slider. Feel for change-up- sinks, fades. Sharp, tight rotation.
 334Nicholas PetrucciCol Canyons3BR/R6'2"1951985-07-16JR 
COMMENT: Big, strong and muscular. Generates a lot of bat speed. Aggressive line drive hitter w/ plus power. Live infield arm and makes all the plays w/ his glove. Solid competitor that plays hard.
 335Jason RiceChaffey ColRHPR/R5'10"1851986-05-13JR 
 336Andrew JenkinsOregon St U1BR/R5'11"2001983-07-234YR 
 337James GosewischArizona St UCR/R5'11"1901983-08-174YR 
COMMENT: Medium frame, evenly proportioned. Balanced hitting approach. Avg bat speed, level plane. Simple stroke, line drives to all fields. Solid backstop w/ plus defensive instincts. Soft, sure handed receiver. Quick to drop, works well in dirt.
 338Joshua TomlinAngelina ColRHPR/R6'1"1751984-10-19JR 
COMMENT: Lean, solid athletic body, similar to Rance Mulliniks. Strong, accurate arm. Good range w/ quick reactions. Ability to make routine plays. Quick bat w/ level swing. Runs better underway. Arm best tool. Enough speed, action, and hands for SS. Fine prospect.
 339Nathan FogleOregon St URHPR/R6'4"2251983-12-274YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Extra-large frame. Strong, rangy build similar to Tim Worrell. Distracting, exaggerated motion. Across body deception. Plus FB velocity early, most 88-90. Physically imposing RHP w/deceptive, unorthodox delivery. Owns inner half plate.
 340Michael PhelpsCentral Missouri St URHPR/R6'4"01984-05-264YR 
 341Steven KleenPepperdine URHPR/R6'3"2001983-05-214YR 
 342Henry GutierrezTroy St UCR/R6'0"2201983-05-074YR 
 343Timothy MurphyRancho Buena Vista HSRFL/L6'2"1901987-05-07HS56K | 350K
COMMENT: LH w/ plenty of confidence, polish and good body strength. Throws a heavy FB that can sink, tail into LHH or cut into RHH. Fluid delivery while staying balanced and driving off the mound w/ strong lower body.
 344Cory LapinskiIllinois Wesleyan ULHPR/L6'1"2151984-03-084YR 
 345Brian KirwanSanta Fe Christian SchoolRHPR/R6'4"2051987-06-09HS 
COMMENT: Angular, well proportioned, athletic frame. Similar to Rick Aguilera, his HS coach. Quick, live, powerful arm. Fluid, easy arm action. Future plus heavy FB w/ bore into RHH. Cuts FB for hard slider type break. Circle change has fair deception w/ sink action down & in.
 346Adam GodwinTroy St UCFR/R5'11"1701982-12-134YR 
COMMENT: Medium, slender, wiry build. Build similar to Mike Bordick. Straight away contact hitter. Instincts on bases. Very aggressive stealing bases. Good first step quickness in OF. Good range. Good running speed and defensive ability.
 347Michael NixAuburn URHPR/R6'5"2351983-05-214YR 
 348Ismael CasillasBenedictine ColRHPR/R6'3"01982-12-084YR 
COMMENT: Tall, strong frame. Broad shoulders. FB arm side run, occasional sink, most 88-90. Aggressive, not afraid to pitch inside. Good feel for change-up, sinks, fades. Throws strikes. Competes. Good makeup.
 349William HorneU FloridaRHPR/R6'4"1951983-01-054YR 
COMMENT: Tall, lean, wiry build, like Kris Benson. FB mostly 88-89 mph w/ slight sink down in zone. Loose out front, w/ whip-like arm action. Uses cut FB as a slider, quick, late, sharp break, best pitch. Around the strike zone, keeps ball down.
 350Steve GonzalezPrograma Educativo AlcancCR/R5'10"1901987-05-31HS 
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