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2005 First-Year Player Draft Tracker
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 81Jason NeighborgallGeorgia TechRHPR/R6'5"2051983-12-194YR 
COMMENT: Similar in body-type to Kris Benson. Easy delivery that throws a lively FB. Devastating change-up that disappears in the zone. All pitches are around the strike zone. Keeps hitters from getting comfortable.
 82Christopher NicollUC IrvineRHPR/R6'2"1901983-10-304YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Lean, well-proportioned athletic body. Still has room to grow. Delivery is smooth, easy and deliberate. FB tails a little into RHH. Short, quick 3/4 slider is his best breaking pitch. Mixes pitches and changes speeds well. Good competitor on the mound.
 83Micah OwingsTulane URHPR/R6'5"2201982-09-284YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Built like Kris Benson. Has the arm to develop into a closer at the ML level. FB is riding w/ sinking life, late tail action and is very effective against LHH. Possesses tight slider, circle change-up as a third pitch. Power-hitting prospect.
 84Brian DuensingU Nebraska LincolnLHPR/R5'11"1951983-02-224YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: LHP w/ quality stuff. Throws sinking FB w/ good sink. Commands both sides of plate. 3/4 slider w/ tight, sharp rotation and his change-up are his best pitches. Has a feel for pitching.
 85William InmanTunstall HSRHPR/R6'1"2101987-02-06HS 
 86Brian PettwayU MississippiRFR/R6'1"01983-07-294YR 
 87Kyle HancockRowlett HSRHPR/R6'3"1851987-08-20HS56K | 350K
COMMENT: Tall, slender body. Similar to Gil Meche. Works both sides of plate. High 3/4 CB w/ snapping, quick break. Also throws sinking change-up. Challenges hitters. Athletic of mound. Good pitcher's body w/ proper arm action. Able to control three pitches.
 88Avery MorrisTullahoma HSRHPL/R6'3"1751987-03-28HS56K | 350K
COMMENT: Similar to Steve Bedrosian. Strong overall, especially FB for strikeouts. FB w/ some serious slider action, mostly in the 90-91 mph range. Can hammer a CB for strikeouts. Father is an assistant coach w/ some Minor League experience. Player is confident.
 89Thomas ManzellaTulane USSR/R6'2"1901983-04-164YR 
COMMENT: Medium frame. Lean, rangy build. Thin waist. Similar to Gary DeSarcina. Proper mechanics in his swing. Good batting position. Line drive plane. Gap to gap approach. Good two strike hitter. Solid avg arm. Soft hands, makes all the plays. Can play 2B.
 90Christopher RobinsonU Illinois ChampaignCR/R6'0"2001984-05-124YR 
COMMENT: Sturdy, durable catcher's body. Stocky, broad shoulders. Barrell chest, strong lower half. Great opposite field power. Line drive stroke. Excellent, vocal leader that takes charge of the pitching staff. Exceptional make-up.
 91James BooneU Missouri ColumbiaCFS/R6'2"1751983-03-164YR 
COMMENT: Tall, strong, athletic frame w/ room for development. Line drive stroke w/ good approach from both sides of plate. Power potential. Heady base runner. Steady, reliable fielder. Hard worker.
 92Zachary WardGardner-Webb URHPR/R6'3"2351984-01-144YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Big, powerful and durable frame. Active FB comes in at the low-90s that sinks and tails, but also has a nasty bore. Can dial into the strike zone with it. Throws strikes w/ either a slider or curve. Gets outs w/ either one. Aggressive and maintains poise.
 93Brandon ErbeMcDonogh SchoolRHPR/R6'4"1801987-12-25HS56K | 350K
COMMENT: Slender, long arms, legs. Similar to Gavin Floyd. Live arm. Good movement w/ location for strikes. Tight 12-6 CB, deceptive change-up. Works hitter well w/ all pitches. Power pitcher potential.
 94Nicholas WeglarzLakeshore Catholic HS1BL/L6'3"2151987-12-16HS56K | 350K
COMMENT: Tall, broad and strong. Huge, muscular thighs and forearms. Swings w/ an uppercut stroke w/ good strength and quickness in hands. Definite home run threat. Smooth play around the bag, w/ good hands and feet. Loves the game and plays w/ a kid's enthusiasm.
 95Richard BrooksEast Carolina URHPR/R6'2"1651984-07-184YR56K | 350K
 96Matthew GoyenGeorgia Col & St ULHPR/L6'5"2201983-01-194YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Body similar to Steve Avery. FB hovers around ML avg. Runs it, cuts it. Works FB in, out, up and down. Down bite CB. Short slurve. Above avg change-up. Smart. Does not have to depend on strikeouts. Will let hitter get himself out.
 97Matthew MaloneyU MississippiLHPL/L6'4"2201984-01-164YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Large frame. Long arms and legs. Similar to Steve Trout. Throws four pitches (FB, CB, slider, change) and is effective vs. RHH. Good mechanics in delivery. Arms works right. FB has arm side run. CB is big looping type.
 98Joshua GeerRice URHPR/R6'3"1901983-06-024YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Medium frame. Broad, square shoulders. Body similar to Mike Mussina. Loose, easy arm. 89-91 w/ flat tail and sink. Change-up has excellent deception, bottom falls out in strike zone. Good athlete. Fields position. Command of three pitches. Excellent make-up.
 99Taylor TeagardenU Texas AustinCR/R6'1"2001983-12-214YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Muscular, large, athletic build w/ strong hands. Loose arm throws accurately w/ good transfer and quick release. Can pull a pitch w/ strong, long stroke. Will go quickly to ML.
 100Mark HollimanU MississippiRHPR/R6'0"1951983-09-194YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Medium frame. Stocky type built. Similar to ex-ML Jeff Brantley. Good mechanics, uses legs well. Above-average FB, some arm side run. CB has big arc, 12/6 plane. Slider is best pitch, w/ tight rotation, 3/4-quarter plane, quick, late break. Circle change has deception
 101Vincent MazzaroRutherford HSRHPR/R6'2"1901986-09-27HS 
COMMENT: Greg Maddux-like body w/ the twisting delivery of Kevin Brown. Two-seamer has late life to it, but gets batters out w/ a power curve. Has a knuckle-curve as another option.
 102Jensen LewisVanderbilt URHPR/R6'3"1851984-05-164YR 
COMMENT: Body similar to Orel Hersheiser. Establishes FB and goes after strike zone. Pitches, mixes it up. Slider-CB occasionally tight, late life w/ some down bite. Fade change w/ arm speed best pitch, spots it, throws anytime. Pitchability is his strength.
 103Sean O'SullivanValhalla HSRHPR/R6'1"2201987-09-01HS56K | 350K
COMMENT: Built like Kevin Appier. Polished mechanics. Live arm. Pitches downhill w/ a heavy FB. Hard-breaking curve. Very deceptive circle change. Gamer who exudes confidence. Presence on the mound.
 104Joshua LindblomHarrison HSRHPR/R6'5"2201987-06-15HS 
COMMENT: Extra large. Top heavy frame. Long arms. Good arm speed, w/ good FB velocity early on. Occasional deceptive fading circle change. Definite future plus pitch. Challenges hitters w/ FB. Power arm w/ projectable ML stuff.
 105Ryan MullinsVanderbilt ULHPL/L6'6"1801983-11-134YR 
COMMENT: Body similar to Chuck Finley, only thinner. Moves the ball around, sets hitters up. Tight rotation CB, lots of potential for strikeout, gets it in the zone. Some feel for fade away change up.
 106Sergio PedrozaCal St FullertonLFL/R5'11"1801984-02-234YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Short, quick w/ compact stroke. Make consistent hard contact. Uses the whole field. Has decent amount of pop. Strong RF arm, could make transition to catcher. Extremely tough out.
 107Jordan SchaferWinter Haven HSCFL/L6'1"1901986-09-04HS56K | 350K
COMMENT: Lefty swinger with strong body type, can hit with wood for power from left center to right, especially mistakes. Limited defensively to corner outfield spots. A hard worker who reported as lefty pitcher
 108Michael BillekU Central FloridaRHPR/R6'4"2351984-03-044YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Physically imposing college RHP. Arm strength. FB hits 94, sits 91-93. Average curve and changeup. Uses both sides of plate. Goes right after hitters.
 109Brett GardnerCol CharlestonCFL/L5'10"1801983-08-244YR 
COMMENT: Medium-large frame, compact body. Well-built. Solid, muscular, well-defined. Works to stay on top of ball. Gap power. Gift of raw speed. Accurate arm. Patrols CF, jumps w/ direct routes. Plus athlete.
 110Daryl JonesSpring HSCFL/L5'11"1801987-06-25HS56K | 350K
COMMENT: Medium-small frame. Athletic build. Similar to Otis Nixon. Short, compact, line drive stroke. Uses hand quickness and wiry strength to drive the ball. Uses whole field. Speed to play short game. Playable arm w/ future plus defensive skills.
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