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2005 First-Year Player Draft Tracker
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 231Ryan SchreppelCal St FullertonLHPL/L6'2"1951984-06-024YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Has an ideal pitchers frame. Good upper-body strength. Well-defined arms. FB has a left-handers natural sinking action, especially when down in the zone. Deceptive circle change is best pitch, comes at hitters with late sink. Tough pickoff move to first. Good competitor.
 232Nicholas DoscherMoore Catholic HSCR/R6'2"2051987-05-20HS 
 233David AsherFlorida International ULHPR/L6'1"1951983-02-184YR 
COMMENT: Athletic build. Similar to a stronger Tom Glavine. Smooth delivery. Late tailing action to his FB in strike zone. Solid command. Knows how to pitch. Moves pitches in and out well. Hard worker who goes after hitters.
 234Jack SpradlinU Southern CaliforniaLHPR/L6'2"1701984-09-234YR 
 235Jemile WeeksLake Brantley HSSSR/R5'9"1601987-01-26HS 
COMMENT: Plays w/ a lively, athletic body. Switch-hitting, line driver hitter w/ good pop. Aggressive hitter who's best when driving the ball into the gaps. Good feet and a great first step. Fields w/ sure hands and nice carry on throws. Aggressive, instinctive base runner. Brother of Rickie Weeks.
 236Jacob ButlerU Nevada RenoCFR/R6'0"2001983-02-094YR 
 237James BurokOld Dominion URHPR/R6'3"2151982-11-164YR 
 238Andrew LopezElk Grove Sr HSOFR/R6'1"1801987-01-18HS 
 239Sean McCrawSan Jacinto Col NorthCL/R6'0"1851986-03-11JR 
 240Brendan WisePratt CCRHPL/R6'2"1901986-01-09JR 
COMMENT: Large frame. Tall, angular. Well proportioned. Similar to Pat Hengten. 3/4 quick arm delivery. CB best pitch w/ tight rotation and strike zone bite. Throws strikes. Shows occasional circle change. Physical make-up for a pitcher.
 241Steven PearceU South Carolina Columbia1BR/R5'11"1901983-04-134YR 
 242Michael JonesWayne County HSSSR/R6'3"1801986-11-19HS 
 243Chorye SpooneCatonsville CCRHPR/R6'1"2151985-09-16JR 
 244Ryan EdellCol CharlestonLHPL/L6'2"2151983-07-064YR 
 245Clayton RichardU MichiganLHPL/L6'5"2251983-09-124YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Big frame and broad-shouldered. Long arms and big hands. FB in the low 90s. Slider shows potential w/ hard break. Good athlete. Competes. Solid make-up.
 246Aaron BatesNorth Carolina St U1BR/R6'4"2301984-03-104YR 
 247Jeremy SlaydenGeorgia TechRFL/R6'0"1851982-07-284YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Short and fluid stroke produces rain-maker blasts, can also send doubles in the gaps. If he can get to a ball in the OF, he'll catch it.
 248John MaddenAuburn URHPR/R6'4"2251982-12-024YR 
COMMENT: Tall, well proportioned build. Built like Kevin Millwood. Low 3/4 to sidearm delivery. FB mostly 88-89 w/ plus sink action. Deceptive delivery, hard to pick up. Aggressive, comes at you. Arm works good.
 249Bradley BarragarGolden West ColRHPR/R6'4"2051985-11-05JR 
COMMENT: Excellent body for a pitcher. Tall well-built, strong, long arms and legs. Smooth deliberate delivery, good mechanics. 89-91 mph FB, tops at 93. Pitching himself into shape after surgery.
 250Dionisio MuycoNorth Carolina St UCR/R6'1"1701984-09-164YR 
 251Jason RayAzusa Pacific URHPR/R6'0"2081984-07-144YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Similar to Trevor Hoffman. Effortless arm action and delivery. Throws 93-94 at will. Heavy FB explodes in the last 10 feet and blows by most college hitters. Hammer CB falls off table. Deceptive circle change w/ late dive action. Not afraid to pitch inside. Has a closer mentality.
 252Scotty BridgesU Arkansas Fayetteville2BL/R5'10"1701981-10-244YR 
 253Mathew HallHorizon HSSSR/R6'2"1801987-03-10HS 
 254Koby ClemensMemorial HS3BR/R5'11"2001986-12-04HS 
 255Daniel PowersCentral Missouri St URHPR/R6'1"1951982-07-244YR 
COMMENT: Knows how to pitch. Refuses to give in. Good understanding of pitch selection and location. Slider is best pitch, but also throws a sinking FB in the upper 80s and has a feel for a change-up. Gets most out of ability.
 256David HorlacherBrigham Young URHPR/R6'3"1801982-06-224YR 
 257Kyle CofieldSouthside HSRHPR/R6'5"1901987-01-23HS 
COMMENT: Tall, lean wiry build. Similar to Andy Ashby. FB mostly 87-88. CB out pitch w/ 12-6. Projectable body.
 258James ZinkEverett CCRHPR/R6'2"1951985-05-06JR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Tall frame. Well proportioned. Loose, supple, athletic build. Built like Ryan Dempster. Loose, quick arm from deceptive, crossfire delivery. Good extension in follow through. Sustains avg FB velocity w/ late two-seam tail. Works fast. Fiery competitor. Lean, athletic RHP w/ loose arm.
 259Austin JacksonBilly Ryan HSCFR/R6'1"1851987-02-01HS56K | 350K
COMMENT: Tall frame. Well proportioned, lean body. Athletic ability in CF like Tori Hunter. Long, arcing power swing w/ full extension. Adequate arm strength. Makes accurate throws. Loose, flexible actions. Quickness. Athletic ability.
 260Jason CairnsCentral Michigan URHPR/R6'4"2051982-11-134YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Broad shoulders, tapers to slim waist. Similar to Steve Trachsel. Good arm speed. FB 90-91. Two-seamer w/sink, bore action. Four-seamer w/arm side run. Slurve-slider w/ occasional hard, quick break. Pitches to corners. Competes.
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