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2005 First-Year Player Draft Tracker
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 261Joshua FordBaylor UCR/R6'2"2351983-01-174YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Tremendous upper body. Physically tapering to small waist. Similar to Jason Varitek. Powerful pull hitter w/ arcing swing. Hits ball middle-in very hard. Will hammer mistakes. Adequate arm strength to throw out runners. Has good speed.
 262Kiel ThibaultGonzaga UCR/R6'0"2001984-03-024YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Country strong, athletic build w/ solid legs. Strong, level swing w/ length in hitting zone drives ball straight away. Has ML-quality quick defensive skills. Throws on target. Exudes leadership.
 263Bryan SabatellaQuinnipiac U1BR/R6'4"2201984-11-014YR 
 264John HowellU Central FloridaRFL/R6'2"2051982-12-304YR 
 265Carlos HereaudLawrence E Elkins HS3BR/R6'0"1951986-02-20HS56K | 350K
COMMENT: Medium frame. Strong, muscular, well defined build. Similar to Edgardo Alfonzo. Compact, line drive stroke. Uses whole field. Potential to hit for avg. Runs better underway. Soft hands. Mature, polished player. Potential offensive-type 2B, 3B at ML level.
 266Paul PhillipsOakland URHPR/R6'1"1901984-01-264YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Frame resembles Ben Sheets. Retains low 90s FB through five innings. Able to use whole plate w/ well-located FB. Slider is sharp w/ quick hard bat. Aggressive. Competes.
 267Andrew JohnstonU Missouri ColumbiaRHPR/R6'5"2051984-04-204YR 
 268Derek FeldkampU MichiganRHPL/R6'4"2071983-05-094YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Medium shoulders. Strong legs. Similar to Steve Trachsel. Good extention, arm speed. FB best pitch, 88-90. CB has promise, shows proper rotation w/ occasional tight spin. Uses changeup well. Ability to mix pitches & keep hitters off balance.
 269Robert ParnellCharleston Southern URHPR/R6'3"1801984-09-084YR 
COMMENT: Quirky delivery and solid FB. Could be an effective reliever. Medium frame. Lanky. Gaining confidence.
 270Paul ColemanPepperdine ULHPL/L6'4"1951984-05-114YR 
 271Mark MoevesNorthern Kentucky URHPR/R6'3"1901983-08-054YR 
COMMENT: Long-limbed w/ muscular legs. Gets a lot of ground balls w/ lively FB. Throws CB for strikes w/ big, late break and will throw at any time.
 272Milton LooYavapai Col3BR/R6'1"1851986-04-02JR 
 273Francisco FigueroaU Miami2BR/R5'11"1821983-02-194YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Small to medium build. Athletic frame. Body similar to Mike Lansing. Smart & patient hitter. Line drive hitter to all fields. Hits behind runners. Occasional gap power. Soft hands. Keeps ball in front. Runs very well. Smart base runner. Plays all-out.
 274Roman PenaMontgomery HSCFL/L6'0"1851986-09-02HS 
COMMENT: Plays w/ intensity, aggressive FB hitter. Sprays the ball to all fields w/ short, quick, compact swing. Always making hard contact. Throws are strong and accurate, can also pitch.
 275Joseph WinnDelgado ColRHPR/R6'0"1901984-09-01JR 
 276James BrauerU MichiganRHPR/R6'4"2101982-07-164YR 
 277Clayton HarrisLouisiana St U2BR/R6'4"2201982-08-254YR 
 278John SmithErskine Col1BR/R6'4"2351984-02-244YR 
 279Ronnie AndersonBlanche Armwood HSCFR/R5'11"1621986-11-01HS 
COMMENT: Live, athletic body w/ plenty of room to fill out. Line-drive stroke w/ doubles power. Good speed and quickness. Great acceleration in CF. Base-stealing ability. Top of the order bat.
 280Matthew AveryU VirginiaRHPR/R6'5"2301983-09-074YR 
COMMENT: Lanky, lean build on large frame. Strong throughout. Similar to Jamey Wright. Quick arm through slot. Will throw ground balls. 3/4 tilt to slider, flashes tight rotating w/ late bite and depth.
 281William ShieldsU Alabama TuscaloosaRHPR/R6'7"2301984-05-274YR 
 282Anthony ContrerasSan Jose St USSL/R5'11"1901983-09-264YR 
 283Robert MosebachHillsborough CCRHPR/R6'4"1951984-09-144YR 
 284Jordan MeakerFlower Mound HSRHPR/R6'6"2201986-09-22HS 
COMMENT: Big RH similar to Matt Morris. Throws a FB that bores into a RHH. Breaking ball has tight rotation that could go for either a curve or a slider. Can change speeds and locate effectively.
 285Erik LisU Evansville1BL/L6'1"2201984-03-084YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Strong, athletic frame. Soft hands, sound fielding skills, picks up balls in dirt well. Good base runner, and can steal the occasional base. Solid instinct for the game. The bat and power to produce runs.
 286Michael DavittDavidson HSRHPR/R6'5"1901986-09-08HS 
 287Steven GarciaTemecula Valley HSCR/R5'11"1901986-09-07HS 
COMMENT: Stocky, compact. Broad, rounded shoulders. Good upper body strength. Similar to Wiki Gonzalez. Aggressive, FB hitter. Strong, quick bat through zone. Loft in swing, project easy ML power. Solid arm, quick relay. Smooth receiver, soft hands.
 288Mark WagnerUC IrvineCR/R6'1"2051984-06-114YR 
COMMENT: Strong, compact. Durable physique. Line drive hitter w/ a short, quick, compact swing. Good bat control. Sets up well behind the plate. Sure hands. Makes throws w/ compact arm action and quick release.
 289James CooperLoyola Marymount ULFL/R5'10"1901984-02-184YR 
 290Zachary ZuercherU Rhode IslandLHPL/L6'2"2151984-04-104YR 
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