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2005 First-Year Player Draft Tracker
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 25Matthew Albidrez-GarzaFresno St URHPR/R6'4"1851983-11-264YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Long, slender frame w/ loose, fluid arm from 3/4 arm slot. FB runs 93-94 mph. Curve tight w/ late bite and depth. Strong work ethic will help improvement.
 405Michael AllenArlington Country Day SchRHPR/R6'3"2201987-05-27HS56K | 350K
COMMENT: Big, strong durable body. Similar to Rick Helling. Good competitor w/ good command of the strike zone. Throws FB, curve and developing change. Wants the ball in key situations.
 495Yonder AlonsoCoral Gables HSCL/R6'2"2101987-04-08HS 
COMMENT: Strong kid. Body similar to Ryan Klesko. Line drive hitter w/ power to all fields, especially right. Run producing potential. Solid defense w/ arm strength. Bat key to progress.
 1415Michael BallardU VirginiaLHPR/L6'2"1801984-02-064YR 
 315Matthew BetsillFurman U3BS/R6'5"2001984-08-164YR 
 855Joshua BrinkMennonite Educational InsRHPR/R6'5"2301987-02-07HS 
COMMENT: Tall, extra large frame & structure. Similar to Kerry Wood. Long arc. Loose arm, proper action. Live FB, occasional tailing life, some sink. 3/4 rotation slider, occasional short, late break. Around plate. Works fast. Physically impressive, big & very strong.
 975David BrombergPalisades HSRHPL/R6'5"2251987-09-14HS 
 375Alex BurnettOcean View HSRHPR/R6'0"1901987-07-26HS 
COMMENT: Strong, compact, athletic body. Broad back, square shoulders. Quick, live arm. Major League FB w/ occasional plus velocity. CB is ML pitch when on top, late breaking, downer w/ bite. Aggressive pitcher. Works fast.
 945Kyle CarrLinton Public SchoolLHPR/L6'5"2001986-11-11HS 
 1329Jose CorderoNO SCHOOLRHPR/R6'2"2301983-08-07NS56K | 350K
 1035Daniel CoxW F West HSSSL/R6'1"1751986-07-10HS56K | 350K
COMMENT: Wiry strong. Room to get even stronger. Similar to ex-ML Walt Weiss. Quality hitting prospect w/ solid mechanics and instincts. Classic swing. Advanced hitting approach. Pure hitter w/ good rhythm and bat control. Glove is smooth. Confident. Flair at SS.
 1271Jacob CoxLakeland Senior HSCR/R5'10"1801987-01-03HS 
 84Brian DuensingU Nebraska LincolnLHPR/R5'11"1951983-02-224YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: LHP w/ quality stuff. Throws sinking FB w/ good sink. Commands both sides of plate. 3/4 slider w/ tight, sharp rotation and his change-up are his best pitches. Has a feel for pitching.
 1184Charles DuffeyWestminster HSRHPR/R6'3"1951987-02-23HS 
 435David DuncanNew Richmond HSLHPL/L6'9"1801986-06-01HS56K | 350K
COMMENT: Tall, thin frame w/ good arm strength. Has room to fill out, and potential to add to velocity. FB and a good split are his best pitches. Throws CB w/ 3/4 rotation and tailing change-up.
 735Gustavo DuranGeorge Washington HSRHPR/R6'3"2051986-04-16HS 
COMMENT: Long & lean. Similar to a taller version of ex-ML Ramon Martinez. Loose arm. Minimal effort. Occasional FB tails away from LHH, most 86-87. Most pitches down in the zone. Just started pitching in 2004.
 825Evan FredericksonOakton HSLHPL/L6'6"01986-09-23HS 
COMMENT: Lanky, wiry build on large frame. Similar to a young Andy Pettitte. Loose, easy working arm w/ sound mechanics in delivery. FB occasionally tailing movement away from RHH. Flashes CB potential w/ 3/4 rotation and late bite.
 1242Toby GardenhireU Illinois ChampaignSSR/R6'0"1701982-09-114YR 
 465Michael HackerCosumnes River ColLHPL/L5'9"1701985-11-06JR 
 885Steven HernandezRedwood HSRHPL/R6'2"2201987-07-23HS 
 705Kenneth HerndonGulf Coast CCRHPR/R6'5"2001985-09-04JR 
 645Christopher KelleySan Jacinto Col NorthRHPR/R6'0"1801985-08-08JR 
COMMENT: Medium, lean, average build. Body similar to Greg Maddux. Loose, easy arm, works proper. Comfort zone 87-90 w/ occasional ride life. 12-6 CB w/ tight rotation & quick strike-zone break. Athletic, fields position well. Able to spin CB.
 54Paul KellyFlower Mound HSSSR/R6'0"1851986-10-19HS56K | 350K
COMMENT: Tall, slender, lean athletic body. Plays like Michael Young. Aggressive hitter w/ quick bat, arcing swing. Ball jumps off bat to all fields. Makes on-line, accurate throws w/ good carry. Smooth, even-stride runner. Enjoys playing the game. Plays w/ good intensity.
 1358Michael KinselCretin HSSSR/R6'0"01987-03-18HS 
 345Brian KirwanSanta Fe Christian SchoolRHPR/R6'4"2051987-06-09HS 
COMMENT: Angular, well proportioned, athletic frame. Similar to Rick Aguilera, his HS coach. Quick, live, powerful arm. Fluid, easy arm action. Future plus heavy FB w/ bore into RHH. Cuts FB for hard slider type break. Circle change has fair deception w/ sink action down & in.
 525Robert LaraNova HSCR/R6'2"1901986-11-25HS 
COMMENT: Medium build. Round shoulders. Durable catcher's frame. Similar to Jason Kendall. Line drive hitter CF to pull. Solid glove actions, frames well. Blocks well, keeps ball in front. Calls a solid game. Strong avg arm strength with carry on-line to 2B.
 675Curtis LeavittVasquez HSRHPR/R6'4"2001987-01-10HS 
 1213Charles LeesmanElder HSLHPL/L6'4"2001987-03-10HS 
 1125James LeighTexarkana CCLHPL/L6'4"1851986-06-04JR 
 285Erik LisU Evansville1BL/L6'1"2201984-03-084YR56K | 350K
COMMENT: Strong, athletic frame. Soft hands, sound fielding skills, picks up balls in dirt well. Good base runner, and can steal the occasional base. Solid instinct for the game. The bat and power to produce runs.
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