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Class Key:
J1 - Junior College, 1st year   J2 - Junior College, 2nd year   J3 - Junior College, 3rd year
DO - Dropout   NS - No School   HS - High School   SO - College sophomore
JR - College junior   SR - College senior   5S - College, 5th year senior
Pick Team Player School Pos B/T Ht Wt DOB Class
1341Michael LachapelleSahuaro HSLHPR/L6'3"1701988-01-15HS 
1034Tyler LadendorfMaine West HSSSR/R5'11"1851988-03-07HS 
1314Kyle LafrenzMarshalltown CCCR/R6'1"1901987-02-06JR 
1313Travis LamarEvansville Harrison HSRHPR/R6'6"2151987-09-09HS 
1108John LambertChesterton HSLHPL/L6'7"2101987-10-11HS 
1102Ryan LaMottaBaylor URHPR/R5'11"2001983-10-034YR 
917Brandon LanceNew Mexico St UCR/R6'0"2051983-10-034YR 
276Sean LandU KansasLHPL/L6'5"2301984-09-274YR 
330Matthew LaneU WashingtonCL/R6'1"2251984-05-234YR350K
1105Michael LaneDaviess County HSCFR/R6'0"1751987-09-28HS 
90Torre LangleyRobert S Alexander HSCR/R5'9"1751987-10-09HS 
179Joshua LansfordCal Poly San Luis Obispo3BR/R6'2"2201984-07-314YR350K
433Matthew LaPortaU Florida1BR/R6'1"2201985-01-084YR350K
Comments: The college leader in homers in 2005, he got off to a slow start with an oblique injury. The power did come back as the season progressed, and some see him as a Billy Butler type with more power and less average.
527Chase LarssonKitsilano Secondary SchooOFL/L6'2"1901988-11-10HS 
1331James LasalaIona ColCR/R6'1"2051984-05-124YR 
869Jordan LathamCol Southern IdahoRHPR/R6'2"1801986-09-25JR 
333Matthew LatosCoconut Creek HSRHPR/R6'5"2101987-12-09HS350K
Comments: Good stuff and size has been offset with some concerns over immaturity on the mound. Fastball has hit 98 and inconsistent curve has a chance to be a plus pitch.
1467Andy LaunierSierra JC1BR/R6'3"2201987-04-10JR 
913Donald LawsonU West AlabamaRHPL/R6'2"1801985-06-214YR 
218Michael LeakeFallbrook HSRHPR/R5'11"1601987-11-12HS 
1283Geraldo LealMission HSRHPR/R6'3"1951987-09-02HS 
1144Joseph LeaperSentinel HSRHPR/R6'1"1601987-03-12HS 
1330Andrew LearySierra Vista HSRHPR/R6'3"2101987-12-09HS 
61Wade LeblancU Alabama TuscaloosaLHPL/L6'3"1901984-08-074YR350K
Comments: A polished college lefty who goes right after hitters. His fastball barely touches 90 and he's got a big slow curve to go along with it. The National Freshman of the Year, he has bounced back from an injury-plagued sophomore season (bruised collarbone) to pitch effectively in 2006.
128Chad LeeBarton County CCRHPR/R6'4"2001985-12-20JR350K
Comments: He missed all of last year with a torn ACL, but he has come back with a plus fastball and the makings of a good curve. There are still questions about his health.
824Michael LeeBellevue CCRHPR/R6'6"1901986-11-18JR 
1350Bryce LefebvreScottsdale CC3BR/R6'3"2051986-08-14JR 
1363Chase LehrCentennial HSRHPR/R6'3"1701987-10-09HS 
118Marcus LemonEustis HSSSL/R5'11"1731988-06-03HS350K
Comments: Chet Lemon's son, he shows surprising power and has good speed. He can handle shortstop, but he could move to second base as a pro. He's off the charts in terms of makeup.
583Richard LentzU WashingtonRHPR/R6'2"2201984-08-064YR350K
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