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Class Key:
J1 - Junior College, 1st year   J2 - Junior College, 2nd year   J3 - Junior College, 3rd year
DO - Dropout   NS - No School   HS - High School   SO - College sophomore
JR - College junior   SR - College senior   5S - College, 5th year senior
Pick Team Player School Pos B/T Ht Wt DOB Class
1363Chase LehrCentennial HSRHPR/R6'3"1701987-10-09HS 
1364Damion CarterU Southern MississippiLFR/R6'3"1971985-06-304YR 
1365Candy MaldonadoPorterville ColRFR/R5'10"1751986-07-15JR 
1366Ryan GrothIndian River CCRFL/L6'1"1901986-07-23JR 
1367Robbie DominguezCerritos ColRHPR/R6'3"1901985-10-26JR 
1368Kent WilliamsonCowley County CCRHPR/R6'3"1801987-06-18JR 
1369Ryan AguayoServite HS2BR/R5'10"1801988-03-03HS 
1370Jordan TiegsSauk Valley CCRHPR/R6'3"1901987-10-16JR 
1371Vincent DiFazioIndian River CCCR/R6'1"2031986-05-15JR 
1372Taylor HammackAngleton HSLHPL/L6'3"2101988-03-13HS350K
1373Alvaro GarciaPima CCRHPR/R6'2"2001986-06-15JR 
1374Clifton ThomasEl Cajon Valley HSOFL/L5'7"1701988-11-21HS 
1375Ryan ShookValley Christian AcademyLHPL/L5'11"1701988-10-17HS 
1376Mace ThurmanMcLennan CCLHPL/L6'2"1801987-04-05JR 
1377Jayson BrugmanSouth Mountain CCSSR/R5'10"1801986-07-09JR 
1378Aaron JohnsonLethbridge CCCR/R6'0"1901987-03-15JR 
1379Kyle JohnsonChapman URHPR/R6'3"2251985-01-214YR 
1380Mitch MacDonaldMonterey Peninsula Col3BL/R5'11"1851987-06-08JR 
1381Richard BretonKeystone HSCFL/R6'0"1901987-05-27HS 
1382Trayvon JohnsonCommunity Harvest CharterCR/R6'0"1851987-07-25HS 
1383Joey WongSprague HSSSL/R5'9"1651988-04-12HS 
1384Tyler MusselwhiteChipola JCRHPR/R6'3"1851986-09-19JR 
1385Daniel MiltenbergerUC Los AngelesRHPR/R6'0"1801983-09-154YR 
1386Ryan LipkinSolano JCCR/R6'0"2001987-10-08JR 
1387Junior RodriguezCoral Gables HS3BR/R6'3"2151988-01-24HS 
1388Jeff LudlowPalm Harbor University HSRHPR/R6'2"1901987-10-05HS 
1389Michael CerdaFred C Beyer HS3BR/R6'2"1851988-03-17HS 
1390Robert WoodardUNC Chapel HillRHPR/R6'1"2051985-01-104YR 
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