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Class Key:
J1 - Junior College, 1st year   J2 - Junior College, 2nd year   J3 - Junior College, 3rd year
DO - Dropout   NS - No School   HS - High School   SO - College sophomore
JR - College junior   SR - College senior   5S - College, 5th year senior
Pick Team Player School Pos B/T Ht Wt DOB Class
1360Nathan AlbertBakersfield ColRHPR/R6'3"2151987-03-03JR 
674Brian AragonNorth Carolina St ULFL/L6'1"2101984-01-124YR 
734Brian BaisleyU South FloridaCR/R6'3"2151982-12-194YR 
254Dellin BetancesGrand Street CampusRHPR/R6'8"2151988-03-23HS350K
Comments: About as projectable as they come with his size, though he's still very raw. His fastball has hit the mid-90s at times and he's shown the makings of a hard curve.
854Barrett BruceFlower Mound HSRHPR/R6'3"1951988-01-15HS 
764Kevin CarbyTexarkana CCSSS/R5'11"1651986-11-24JR 
41Joba ChamberlainU Nebraska LincolnRHPR/R6'2"2301985-09-234YR350K
Comments: One of the few college righties not considered to be undersized, he can throw three pitches -- a fastball in the low 90s, a changeup and a slider -- for strikes, though he struggled with his command a bit during his junior season, not fully capitalizing on his breakout sophomore campaign in 2005. Part of the issue has been a minor triceps injury that could force a slide.
1214Tanner ChitwoodSulpher HSLHPL/L6'3"2301987-12-30HS 
134Colin CurtisArizona St URFL/L6'1"2001985-02-014YR350K
Comments: He's shown the ability to hit for average, draw walks and steal some bases, but hasn't developed consistent power. Defensively, he's average in center. He's a cancer survivor after being diagnosed in 1999.
1244Ohmed DaneshDr Phillips HSLFL/L6'0"1851988-01-18HS 
794Timothy DennehyChandler Gilbert CCLHPL/L6'1"1951986-09-22JR 
1154Nicholas DiyorioFlorida Southern ColLFL/L5'10"1751983-11-284YR 
1273Dan DuffyMountain Ridge HSSSR/R5'10"1751988-05-18HS 
314Casey EricksonSpringfield CollegeRHPR/R6'2"2001985-08-28JR 
1302Eric EricksonSarasota HSLHPR/L5'10"1741988-02-17HS 
344Jeffrey FortenberryBaylor ULFL/L6'2"1751983-09-014YR350K
194Mitchell HilligossPurdue USSR/R6'1"2001985-06-174YR 
434Donald HollingsworthUC RiversideLFL/L5'7"1701985-05-284YR 
1500Sam HoneckGrayson County Col1BL/L6'2"2101987-06-19JR 
554Paul HowellAmerican Christian AcademLHPL/L6'3"1851987-09-06HS 
21Ian KennedyU Southern CaliforniaRHPR/R6'0"1951984-12-194YR350K
Comments: Has been on radars for a long time, being drafted in the 14th round back in 2003. He hasn't been bad in 2006, but it's been a far cry from his first two college seasons. He's lost some velocity on the fastball, though he still knows how to pitch with an aggressive style and hard curve.
164George KontosNorthwestern URHPR/R6'3"2151985-06-124YR350K
584Christopher KundaOregon St U2BR/R6'0"1751984-11-014YR 
1034Tyler LadendorfMaine West HSSSR/R5'11"1851988-03-07HS 
1331James LasalaIona ColCR/R6'1"2051984-05-124YR 
824Michael LeeBellevue CCRHPR/R6'6"1901986-11-18JR 
1444Jeffrey LoveysBall St URHPR/R6'8"2451984-01-044YR 
1388Jeff LudlowPalm Harbor University HSRHPR/R6'2"1901987-10-05HS 
104Zachary McAllisterIllinois Valley Central HRHPR/R6'5"2301987-12-08HS350K
Comments: With a father who's a crosschecker for the D-Backs, he's a very polished high school pitcher. He's grown a lot and now can touch the low 90s, along with a slider and change.
404Daniel McCutchenU OklahomaRHPR/R6'2"1951982-09-264YR 
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