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147Zawadzki, LanceLee USSS/R5'11"1851985-05-26SR
971Williams, KennethWichita St UCFS/R6'00"1801986-05-22JR
5Wieters, MatthewGeorgia TechCS/R6'04"2251986-05-21JR400K
Comments: Wherever he's been, Wieters has hit. That continued to be the case in his junior season, though he was a little more inconsistent than he had been in the past. The big, switch-hitting catcher has power from both sides and those who like him think he'll hit plenty at the next level. He's got very good arm strength behind the plate - he was the team's closer in the past as well - and most people think that while big for the position, he should be able to stay there. For a player as highly thought of as Wieters is by some, though, it's interesting to note that several scouts did not evaluate him as positively during the 2007 season.
Enhanced Scouting Report
339Widlansky, RobertFlorida Atlantic UOFS/R6'02" 1984-11-06SR
391White, ChristopherSacramento CCCFS/R5'11" 1987-11-12J2
287White, AdamWest Virginia UCFS/R5'10"1901985-04-21JR
1332Van Hook, ClaytonU Texas Austin2BS/R5'09"1511985-01-18SR
1260Turner, ChristopherBrandon HSOFS/R5'10"1751988-10-21HS
939Tucker, MattDallas Baptist U3BS/R6'01"1801983-06-055S
85Tolisano, JohnEstero HS2BS/R5'11"1791988-10-07HS400K
Comments: Tolisano has been on the radar screen for some time. The infielder has added a lot of bulk this season and it's allowed him to show some more power at the plate. The switch-hitter uses all fields well and has a good idea at the plate, though he is better from the left side. Defensively a shortstop right now, he profiles better as a solid all-around second baseman at the next level.
Enhanced Scouting Report
241Thomas, DevinBrown UCS/R5'11"1951985-02-22SR
1051Terdoslavich, JoeSarasota HSCS/R6'02"1901988-09-09HS
1284Taylor, AustinThomas County Central HS3BS/R6'03"1751989-03-30HS
154Suttle, BradleyU Texas Austin3BS/R6'02"2151986-01-24SO400K
Comments: Playing for a major program, Suttle certainly got plenty of looks this year. He can do some nice things with the bat, but doesn't project much power and doesn't run well. Defensively, he's OK at best. As a draft-eligible sophomore, he does have the leverage of coming back for his junior year at Texas. Right now, though, he looks more like a backup or platoon-type player.
Enhanced Scouting Report
139Stouffer, BlakeTexas A&M U1BS/R6'00"1901985-10-11JR400K
1050Storen, DrewBrownsburg HSRHPS/R6'01"1701987-08-01HS400K
1164Staley, JosephDecatur HSCS/R6'01"2351989-05-08HS
1315Solano, EmmanuelMiami Dade CC SouthSSS/R5'09"1651982-08-26J2
23Schmidt, NicholasU Arkansas FayettevilleLHPS/L6'05"2201985-10-10JR400K
Comments: Few players saw their stock rise in the weeks approaching the draft as much as Schmidt did. The college lefty has a real idea of how to pitch with an average fastball to go along with a breaking ball and outstanding changeup. He seemed to get better and better late in the year and had outstanding outings in the conference tournament and Regional play. Peaking at the right time, Schmidt could hear his name called in the top half of the first round.
Enhanced Scouting Report
1199Rowland, RichieCloverdale HSCS/R6'03"2051988-08-18HS
1253Rothford, ChadOral Roberts U1BS/R6'05"2651985-04-27SR
178Romine, AndrewArizona St USSS/R6'01"1801985-12-24JR400K
Comments: The son of former big leaguer Kevin Romine, Andrew was a pretty good prospect coming out of high school three years ago. Now he profiles as a good college shortstop who can play defense, though his bat is behind his glove. That being said, teams are always looking for college infielders who can make plays and Romine fits that mold.
Enhanced Scouting Report
570Ray, MattMiddle Tennessee St USSS/R5'09"1901984-01-28SR
1133Pollard, JulienWashington HS2BS/R5'11"1951989-02-18HS
1384Petralli, BenjaminSacramento CCCS/R6'02"1801985-10-07J3
296Pedroza, JaimeUC RiversideSSS/R5'10"1751986-09-12JR
1003Pecora, ChrisNorth Carolina WesleyanRFS/R6'02"2001986-09-22JR
807Parrino, AndrewLe Moyne Col2BS/R6'00"1851985-10-31JR
486Norris, PatrickOklahoma City UCFS/R6'02"1901986-03-17JR400K
668Navarro, NicholasCharles Flanagan HSCS/R5'11"1851988-09-20HS
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