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30Brackman, AndrewNorth Carolina St URHPR/R6'11" 1985-12-04JR400K
Comments: The concern with Brackman heading into his first full season as a baseball player only was how durable he would be. The former basketball standout had never spent an entire college season as a starting pitcher and he ended up being shut down with a tired arm late in the year. Still, the pure stuff, including a 97-mph fastball when he's 100 percent, intrigues many scouts and despite the inconsistent year, he's still in the first-round fray as more of a college project than an advanced arm.
Enhanced Scouting Report
63Luebke, CoryOhio St ULHPR/L6'04"2001985-03-04JR
77Moviel, ScottSaint Edward HSRHPR/R6'11"2451988-05-07HS400K
Comments: Moviel is a huge 6-foot-10 right-hander who'll be a bit of a project for whichever team takes him. He is fairly athletic and used to play basketball, but as is often the case with pitchers his size, he struggles to repeat his delivery and maintain his mechanics. He does have a solid average fastball, a curve that could become a good pitch with some help and a changeup he doesn't throw much. Finding consistency will be the key to Moviel's success. Some pitchers his size have found it, others have not.
Enhanced Scouting Report
111Dietrich, DerekSt Ignatius HS3BL/R6'01" 1989-07-18HS400K
162Graham, ConnerMiami URHPR/R6'07"2351985-12-30JR400K
219Angle, MatthewOhio St UCFL/R5'10" 1985-09-10JR
311Fryer, EricOhio St UCR/R6'02"2151985-08-26JR
336Lough, DavidMercyhurst ColCFL/L6'00"1851986-01-20JR
374Davis, AndrewKent St U3BS/R5'11"1951984-02-115S
381Pellegrini, BrianSt Bonaventure U3BR/R6'01"2401984-10-03SR
469Klinker, MatthewFurman URHPR/R6'05"2101984-10-08SR
501Torrence, DevonCanton South HSCFR/R6'00"1901989-05-08HS
502DeJesus, AntonioU KentuckyCFL/L5'11"1851986-01-25JR400K
574Carpenter, ChristopherKent St URHPR/R6'04"2151985-12-26JR400K
Comments: Carpenter has a big arm with a plus fastball and a slider that is often above-average as well. That two-pitch mix will be enough for him to perhaps be a setup guy at the next level rather than a starter. His health is a concern (Tommy John surgery in 2005) and might scare some people off, another reason why perhaps a bullpen role would be a good choice.
Enhanced Scouting Report
617Hehr, JeffreyEastern Michigan USSR/R6'00"1801985-07-27JR
625Hale, WillieOhio St URHPR/R6'07"1901985-12-11SO
632Farmer, ThomasU AkronRHPR/R6'01" 1986-08-27JR400K
700Duncan, DavidGeorgia TechLHPL/L6'09"2301986-06-01SO400K
725Baird, JohnU CincinnatiRHPR/R6'04"2201986-05-16JR
780West, JareckDelta St UCFR/R5'10"2051985-04-30JR
825Mohr, BrooksElida HSRHPR/R6'03"1951989-01-14HS
842Heyne, KyleBall St URHPR/R6'05"2201984-08-17JR
845Humphrey, BenjaminCentral Michigan U1BR/R6'04"2251984-04-15SR
849Procner, StephenCleveland St ULHPL/L6'02"2001984-12-27SR
862Oeder, RossWright St U2BR/R5'09"1701985-04-19SR
908Hula, JoshMiami UCR/R6'00"2101986-05-03SO
924Vazquez, WillKent St UCR/R6'01"1901985-02-22SR
1035Maddox, RobertVilla-Angela St Joseph HS1BL/L6'02" 1988-10-18HS400K
1105Rodgers, DominiqueKent St URHPR/R6'02"2001985-01-21JR
1213King, AustinGallia Academy2BR/R6'02"2001988-12-01HS
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