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2Moustakas, MichaelChatsworth HSSSL/R6'00"1951988-09-11HS400K
Comments: At the start of the year, it may have been Matt Dominguez who was getting the attention at Chatsworth High. By the end of the season, Moustakas may have been the prime attraction. He basically re-wrote the California high school record books for career and single-season home runs. The only question is where he'll play defensively. A shortstop now because of Dominguez at third, some see Moustakas as a third baseman or perhaps even as a catcher.
Enhanced Scouting Report
66Runion, SamuelAC Reynolds HSRHPR/R6'04"2201988-11-09HS400K
Comments: While fellow North Carolinian Madison Bumgarner has deservedly gotten a lot of attention, Runion should not be overlooked. He's a very solid right-hander with two good offerings and the chance to have three. He's a consistent strike-thrower who competes well.
Enhanced Scouting Report
96Duffy, DanielCabrillo HSLHPL/L6'02"1851988-12-21HS400K
Comments: Duffy is another in a deep pool of high school lefties, but he had done a lot to stand out in his senior season. With a projectable body, an average fastball with good movement, two breaking pitches and a good feel for a change, Duffy has the chance to be a lefty not only with a good feel for pitching but a guy who brings a four-pitch mix to the table.
Enhanced Scouting Report
126Hodge Nielsen, PeterPrince of Wales SSRHPR/R6'02"2101989-06-15HS400K
156Ortiz, AdrianPepperdine UCFL/R6'00"1721987-01-14JR400K
Comments: A fairly touted player out of high school (5th round pick, 2004), debates abound about whether Ortiz has improved in college and whether he'll hit enough at higher levels. His best tool is still his speed and he uses it on both sides of the ball. He has shown the ability to steal some bases and take extra bases. He can flat out go get the ball in center field. The team who thinks he'll be able to hit enough to use that speed to its full benefit will draft him.
Enhanced Scouting Report
186Cruz, FernandoPuerto Rico Advancement College HSSSS/R6'01" 1990-03-28HS400K
216Richardson, HiltonLake Washington Sr HSLFL/L6'02"2001989-01-10HS
246Feickert, CaseyAntelope Valley ColRHPR/R6'03"1801988-08-05J1
276Kenyon, ZachCentral HSRHPR/R6'05"1901988-12-05HS
306Holland, GregWestern Carolina URHPR/R5'11"1801985-11-20JR
336Lough, DavidMercyhurst ColCFL/L6'00"1851986-01-20JR
366McCauley, SeanOsbourn Senior HSCR/R6'02"1751989-05-13HS
396Caldera, AlexanderChaffey ColRHPL/R6'03"2001985-10-01J2
426Mitchell, MatthewBarstow HSRHPR/R6'02"2051989-03-31HS400K
456Eigsti, RyanBradley UCR/R6'02" 1985-08-24JR
486Norris, PatrickOklahoma City UCFS/R6'02"1901986-03-17JR400K
516Hodgson, IvorMount St Mary's ColLHPS/L6'03"1901986-04-25SO
546Dodson, StephenU GeorgiaRHPR/R6'05"2001985-08-29JR
576Billick, JosephSouthern Polytechnic St UCR/R6'02"2301985-05-30SR
606Lehmann, MichaelPearl River HSRHPS/R6'02"1901989-05-03HS400K
636Billeaud, JoshuaLouisiana St U at EuniceRHPR/R6'03"2101987-03-22J2400K
666Rodriguez, JacobEast Los Angeles JCRHPR/R6'02"2201988-07-24J1
696Brown, GeoffreyJackson HSLHPL/L5'11"1901989-01-20HS400K
726Norton, BenU EvansvilleRHPR/R6'02"2101984-10-12SR
756Robinson, ClintonTroy U1BL/L6'05" 1985-02-16SR
786Lovell, NathanielFresno CCRHPR/R6'00"1901985-08-27J2
816Secott, DaneMinnesota St U-MankatoRHPR/R5'11" 1984-12-14SR
846Garcia, FernandoManatee JC2BS/R6'00"1601988-07-28J1
876Martin, KyleTexas Tech USSR/R6'00"1751984-11-22SR400K
906Amyx, BrettU Texas Tyler1BR/R6'06"2301985-03-17JR
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