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18Kozma, PeterOwasso HSSSR/R6'00"1701988-04-11HS400K
Comments: Kozma is a very savvy offensive middle infielder whose bat is his best, but not only, tool. He runs well and handles his position capably. A hard worker, he plays the game the right way and is very fundamentally sound. There's no flash with Kozma, what you see is what you get.
Enhanced Scouting Report
36Mortensen, ClaytonGonzaga URHPR/R6'04"1801985-04-10SR400K
Comments: While there are often college seniors who make very good pros, it's rare for there to be one like Mortensen, a legitimate "prospect" on the rise in his senior season. He's got three usable pitches and a body frame that appears able to handle added strength, which could make his fastball even better. He should be a very intriguing senior sign this summer.
Enhanced Scouting Report
71Kopp, DavidClemson URHPR/R6'03"1901985-10-22JR400K
Comments: Kopp doesn't get much attention because of teammate Daniel Moskos, but he does have the possibility of three very good Major League offerings. His command and delivery have been a mess in the past, but he's improved on the delivery and has shown the ability to get better over time. Moskos clearly will be the first Clemson pitcher selected, but teams would do well not to look past the second.
Enhanced Scouting Report
82Todd, JesseU Arkansas FayettevilleRHPR/R5'11"2101986-04-20JR400K
Comments: While Arkansas Friday starter Nick Schmidt gets more of the attention, Todd has done a nice job, first as a reliever and now as the Saturday starter. With a good fastball, an average slider and excellent command, he might best be suited to a bullpen role at the next level. If he can bring the changeup up to snuff, he could get a look as a starter.
Enhanced Scouting Report
112Descalso, DanielUC Davis3BL/R5'10" 1986-10-19JR400K
142Russell, KyleU Texas AustinRFL/L6'05"1901986-06-27SO400K
Comments: Russell certainly made a splash this season by obliterating the school record for home runs in a season. The power is legit, but there is concern about his ability to make contact consistently enough for the power to come into play at the next level. The power with the arm strength, though, does fit the right-field profile in the future. A draft-eligible sophomore, he does hold some leverage in terms of returning for his junior season at Texas.
Enhanced Scouting Report
172Eager, ThomasCal Poly San Luis ObispoRHPR/R6'02"2001985-08-12JR400K
202Marmol, OliverCol of CharlestonSSR/R5'10"1651986-07-02JR
232Hooker, JamesMira Mesa HSRHPR/R6'04"1851989-06-21HS400K
262Henley, PaulRice UCFL/L5'10"2001985-06-10JR400K
Comments: Henley leads Rice to the plate as the leadoff man and has improved his on-base percentage every year, reaching base in over 43 percent of his plate appearances last season. He continues to shine defensively and brings a football mentality to his game on the diamond.
Enhanced Scouting Report
292Stutes, MichaelOregon St URHPR/R6'01"1851986-09-04JR400K
322Riportella, BeauCol of the SequoiasCFR/R6'03"1951988-08-20J1
352Reifer, AdamUC RiversideRHPR/R6'02"1951986-06-03JR400K
382Zawacki, BrettLa Salle-Peru Township HSRHPR/R6'01"1901989-05-02HS400K
412Hill, StevenStephen F Austin St U1BR/R5'11"1901985-03-14SR
442Dew, JoshuaTroy URHPR/R6'04"2251985-01-15SR400K
472Fick, CharlesCal St NorthridgeRHPR/R6'05"1871985-11-11JR
502DeJesus, AntonioU KentuckyCFL/L5'11"1851986-01-25JR400K
532Arburr, MatthewPace U3BR/R6'04"2601986-03-04JR
562Brown, AndrewU Nebraska LincolnRFR/R6'00"1951984-09-10SR
592Peoples, NicholasU Texas Austin2BR/R5'11"1801984-08-10SR
622Cartie, BrianMcNeese St U3BR/R6'00"1881985-04-02JR
652Broderick, BrianGrand Canyon URHPR/R6'06"2051986-09-01JR
682Kingrey, CharlesMcNeese St UOFL/L6'01"2101985-01-19SR
712Hage, JosephM Stoneman Douglas HSLFR/R6'00"1801989-02-17HS400K
742Freeman, SamuelNorth Central Texas ColLHPR/L5'11"1701987-06-24J2
772Stambaugh, JonathanBrigham Young ULHPL/L6'02"2001984-10-25SO
802Cruz, ArnoldiPalm Beach CC3BR/R5'11"2051986-08-18J3
832Buck, BrianSanta Barbara CCRFR/R6'01"1901986-02-03J2
862Oeder, RossWright St U2BR/R5'09"1701985-04-19SR
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