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147Zawadzki, LanceLee USSS/R5'11"1851985-05-26SR
91Worth, DanielPepperdine USSR/R6'01"1801985-09-30JR
Comments: College shortstops who can catch the ball are usually in high demand and often in short supply, so Worth should get plenty of attention. He's very sure-handed and has tremendous defensive instincts. He's become a better hitter this year, with good plate discipline and a shorter swing that's allowed him to spray the ball to all fields. But it's his glove that will carry him.
Enhanced Scouting Report
808Wing, MichaelUpland HSSSR/R6'01"1801988-10-25HS400K
1222Wilson, RussellThe Collegiate SchoolSSR/R6'00" 1988-11-29HS
1072Wilson, RossHoover HSSSR/R5'11"1851988-11-09HS
152Williams, ReginaldBellflower HSSSR/R6'00"1701988-11-05HS400K
1423Willard, MatthewU Arkansas FayettevilleSSR/R5'10"1751985-12-31JR
1187Widmann, StanClemson USSR/R6'01"1901985-08-25JR
826White, RayCompton CCSSR/R5'08" 1987-06-25J2
519White, JasonU IowaSSL/R6'01"1751984-06-07SR
80West, MatthewBellaire HSSSR/R6'01"2001988-11-21HS400K
Comments: West is an athletic high school infielder who is most likely destined to be a third baseman at the next level. He's got power potential, though there are concerns about his ability to hit consistently enough to reach that power. He's got good defensive skills that will play just fine at third, so the question will be about whether he'll be able to fit the third base profile offensively.
Enhanced Scouting Report
634Wehrle, RyanU Nebraska LincolnSSR/R6'03"2001985-05-31JR400K
1052Weber, GarrettClovis HSSSR/R5'10"1651989-03-29HS
443Villegas Andino, JesusPorterville ColSSR/R5'11"1751986-09-21J2
970Vasquez, MiguelSeminole CCSSR/R6'01"1901986-11-25J2
257Thompson, MarkLewis & Clark St ColSSR/R5'09"1651984-11-26SR400K
741Stringer, PhilipAuburn USSR/R5'09"1751984-12-27SR
290Stoneburner, RalphJames Madison USSR/R6'00"1751985-01-14SR400K
100Souza, StevenCascade HSSSR/R6'03" 1989-04-24HS
422Soto, ElliottDundee-Crown HSSSR/R5'09"1501989-08-21HS
109Soto, NeftaliColegio Marista HSSSR/R6'02"1801989-02-28HS400K
Comments: Soto has an intriguing package of tools that includes raw power and above-average speed. Currently a shortstop, he doesn't profile as a guy who'll be able to stay there, particularly range-wise. That's OK, because his offensive skill set fits better at third. He should hit enough for the position and could develop into a No. 5 or 6 hitter in a big-league lineup.
Enhanced Scouting Report
1315Solano, EmmanuelMiami Dade CC SouthSSS/R5'09"1651982-08-26J2
70Smolinski, JacobBoylan Catholic HSSSR/R5'11"1851989-02-09HS400K
1170Scott, JosephCal St FullertonSSR/R6'00"1851986-08-22JR
1143Schaeffer, WarrenVirginia Tech USSR/R6'00"1801985-01-28SR
857Savastano, ScottFranklin Pierce ColSSR/R6'04"1901986-06-12SO
1172Rumler, ElijahKansas St USSR/R5'09"1801984-12-30SR
324Roque, KennethPuerto Rico BB Academy HSSSL/R5'11"1621989-09-20HS400K
1183Roof, JonathonSt Mary HSSSR/R6'01"1551989-01-23HS
1018Roof, ShawnU Illinois ChampaignSSR/R6'00"1751984-08-03SR
Page 1 of 49 [ 1453 player(s) found ]    »