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543Efferson, BrandonZachary HSRHPR/R5'11"1701988-11-25HS
316Barrow, BrandonZachary HSLHPL/L6'04"1951989-04-18HS
785Medlin III, DanielYoung Harris ColLHPR/L6'04"2151988-07-06J1
1448McCray, EdwardYoung Harris ColRHPL/R6'03"2301987-10-06J1
515Harvil, WilliamYoung Harris ColRHPR/R6'05"2201987-06-17J2
1285Rosas, JoeyYavapai ColLHPL/L6'00"1751987-01-05J2
946Harper, JustinYavapai ColRHPR/R6'04"1851988-06-10J1
814Gattis, GaryYavapai ColCFR/R6'00"1901985-03-27J2
1292Cochrane, StephenYavapai ColCS/R6'00"1801988-07-12J1
1405Baird, DillonYavapai Col3BL/R6'03"1901988-01-13J1
457Sawyer, MarcYale U1BL/L6'03"2101985-10-02SR
1324Lewis, RyanYakima Valley ColCFR/R6'04"2001987-04-08J2
399Wolf, JordanXavier UCR/R6'01"1951985-05-05SR
866Woods, NathanXavier HSRFR/R6'06"2101989-03-28HS
862Oeder, RossWright St U2BR/R5'09"1701985-04-19SR
976Mahalic, JosephWoodrow Wilson HSRHPR/R6'03"2051988-11-28HS
1346Glynn, ElliotWoodrow Wilson HSLHPL/L6'01"1651989-01-13HS
62Dent, RyanWoodrow Wilson HSSSR/R6'00"1901989-03-15HS400K
Comments: With a strong bat and even better speed, Dent will be a very intriguing prospect for many teams. Athletes like this don't grow on trees and Dent has shown the ability to hit to all fields and use his speed to wreak havoc on the basepaths. He may not be a middle infielder long-term, but many feel he's athletic enough to handle a move to the outfield if needed.
Enhanced Scouting Report
47Vineyard, NathanWoodland HSLHPL/L6'02"2001988-10-03HS400K
Comments: This is turning out to be a pretty good draft for high school lefties and Vineyard adds to the depth at the position. He has the chance to have a good three-pitch mix with a slider that is an out pitch right now. While there's not a ton of projection to make, he should improve on things like command and fastball movement. He might be a tick behind the top prep southpaws on draft day, but he won't fall too far.
Enhanced Scouting Report
153Lucas, RichardWolfson Senior HS3BR/R6'00"2051988-11-02HS
229Waring, BrandonWofford Col3BR/R6'04"1951986-01-02JR400K
934Carrara, ChristopherWinthrop U2BR/R5'10"1801985-05-11SR
1318Barrone, BenWinona St UCR/R6'01"2101984-11-07SR
683James, NathanielWilliston HSRHPS/R6'04"1801989-04-11HS400K
1379Oberholtzer, BrettWilliam Penn HSLHPL/L6'02"1901989-07-01HS
563Adzick, MarkWilliam Penn Charter SchoolLHPL/L6'04" 1988-04-23HS400K
511Brackman, MarkWilliam Jewell ColRHPR/R6'07"2201985-03-23SR
1049Johnson, TerryWilliam Carey ColSSR/R6'02"1801985-02-20JR
722Workman, JoshuaWichita St U2BL/R6'01"2001985-11-04JR400K
971Williams, KennethWichita St UCFS/R6'00"1801986-05-22JR
Page 1 of 49 [ 1453 player(s) found ]    »