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157Guyer, BrandonU VirginiaRFR/R6'01" 1986-01-28JR400K
167Holt, JonathanU TampaRHPL/R6'02"2101986-03-10JR
168Dixon, DennisU OregonOFL/R6'04"2051985-01-11SR
165Dunigan, JosephU OklahomaCFL/L6'01"2151986-03-29JR400K
169Bowman, AndrewU Nebraska LincolnLHPR/L6'04"1901985-11-08JR400K
180Carignan, GaryUNC Chapel HillRHPR/R5'11" 1986-07-23JR400K
Comments: Despite only having one average, or above-average pitch, Carignan has gotten excellent results as North Carolina's closer. Arm strength alone won't get you to the big leagues, so Carignan will have to improve his secondary offerings if he wants a chance at a big-league bullpen job down the line.
Enhanced Scouting Report
175Rzepczynski, MarcUC RiversideLHPL/L6'03"2051985-08-29SR400K
158Walker, AndrewTexas Christian UCR/R6'00"2101986-01-22JR400K
Comments: It's unclear if Walker will be an above-average hitter as a pro, but he is a fairly well-rounded college catcher at a good program, and those are always in high demand.
Enhanced Scouting Report
164Corgan, ChanceTexas Christian URHPR/R6'02"1751986-04-25JR400K
159Arrieta, JacobTexas Christian URHPR/R6'04"2251986-03-06JR400K
Comments: TCU's Friday starter endured an up-and-down season, but came up with a strong start in his conference tournament late in the year. When he's pitching well, he uses average stuff with above-average command to keep hitters off-balance. He's a middle-of-the-rotation workhorse type in the future, and the kind of pitcher who could possibly get to the big leagues quickly.
Enhanced Scouting Report
173Taylor, MichaelStanford URFR/R6'06"2501985-12-19JR400K
Comments: Opinions vary on Taylor, whom scouts have known since his sophomore year in high school when he was Zack Greinke's teammate. He does have tremendous raw power, but his approach made it difficult for him to show it much in games. He did finish the season strongly on a mediocre Stanford team and someone who saw him during that final stretch might feel they can turn that power potential into performance at the next level.
Enhanced Scouting Report
163Worthington, TyrellSouth Central HSLFR/R6'00" 1988-08-02HS
182Striz, NathanSanta Fe Catholic HSRHPR/R6'02"2101988-10-15HS
156Ortiz, AdrianPepperdine UCFL/R6'00"1721987-01-14JR400K
Comments: A fairly touted player out of high school (5th round pick, 2004), debates abound about whether Ortiz has improved in college and whether he'll hit enough at higher levels. His best tool is still his speed and he uses it on both sides of the ball. He has shown the ability to steal some bases and take extra bases. He can flat out go get the ball in center field. The team who thinks he'll be able to hit enough to use that speed to its full benefit will draft him.
Enhanced Scouting Report
184Olbrychowski, AdamPepperdine URHPR/R6'02"1801986-09-07JR
161Gindl, CalebPace HSCFL/L5'09"1851988-08-31HS400K
177Hefner, JeremyOral Roberts URHPR/R6'04" 1986-03-11JR
179Jones, NathanNorthern Kentucky URHPR/R6'05"1901986-01-28JR
162Graham, ConnerMiami URHPR/R6'07"2351985-12-30JR400K
160Meyers, BradleyLoyola Marymount URHPR/R6'06"1951985-09-13JR400K
Comments: Scouts have been watching Meyers since high school (the Mets drafted him in the 14th round in 2004) and he hasn't necessarily progressed all that much from his prep school days. He can get his fastball up to around 93 mph, though not consistently and has shown some ability with his breaking stuff and changeup. The thing that will help him the most, though, is his projectable 6-foot-6 frame, where a team that takes him will hope they can improve all facets of his pitching game once they get him into the system.
Enhanced Scouting Report
176Blair, KyleLos Gatos HSRHPR/R6'04" 1988-09-27HS400K
Comments: Blair is a projectable high school right-hander with good size and a good, but not great, arm. He's got an average fastball with average commmand, but there's room for growth in his frame, which could lead to more ticks on the fastball. His slider has the chance to be a decent offering, but is very inconsistent right now. There are plenty of teams who like projection from their high schoolers and Blair fits that mold.
Enhanced Scouting Report
174Middlebrooks, WilliamLiberty Eylau HSRHPR/R6'03"1971988-09-09HS400K
Comments: A legitimate two-way player, Middlebrooks got scouted as both a pitcher and infielder. While he throws up to 94 mph, most see his future as a position player, probably at third base. He's got obvious arm strength and is a tremendous athlete who also was a football standout. At the plate, he's got some serious power potential with the kind of frame teams like to see from a future run producer at the hot corner.
Enhanced Scouting Report
171DeLome, CollinLamar UCFL/R6'02"1951985-12-18JR400K
Comments: DeLome has had a solid junior season which has gotten some notice in a weak college hitting class. He's hit well in college, but there is concern whether those skills will translate in the professional game. Defensively, he's learning the nuances of center field and there's hope he may be Major League average there, letting his speed work for him.
Enhanced Scouting Report
170Gast, JohnLake Brantley HSLHPL/L6'01"1951989-02-16HS400K
Comments: Even though he has limited projection, he wass way ahead of the learning curve with his pitching know-how. Having a teenager who knows how to command three pitches and attack the strike zone would have been appealing to scouts. But Gast went down with an elbow injury and needed Tommy John surgery, greatly clouding his draft future. He could honor his commitment to Florida State, or perhaps a team will take him late and try to rehab him, like the Angels did with Nick Adenhart in 2004.
Enhanced Scouting Report
181Crosby, CaseyKaneland HSLHPR/L6'05"2001988-09-17HS400K
Comments: This is a deep year for high school lefties, and scouts were swarming to the Midwest to see how Crosby looked as the weather warmed up. Early on, he wasn't showing the arm strength some had seen in the past and his other pitches were below average. There's room for growth, though, and some refinement to his delivery could go a long way for the southpaw.
Enhanced Scouting Report
155Biell, DustinInglemoor HSCFL/R6'00"1801989-03-19HS
166Cishek, StevenCarson-Newman ColRHPR/R6'06"2001986-06-18JR
172Eager, ThomasCal Poly San Luis ObispoRHPR/R6'02"2001985-08-12JR400K
178Romine, AndrewArizona St USSS/R6'01"1801985-12-24JR400K
Comments: The son of former big leaguer Kevin Romine, Andrew was a pretty good prospect coming out of high school three years ago. Now he profiles as a good college shortstop who can play defense, though his bat is behind his glove. That being said, teams are always looking for college infielders who can make plays and Romine fits that mold.
Enhanced Scouting Report
183Lutz, ZachAlvernia Col3BR/R6'02"2151986-06-03JR
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