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140Nash, GarrettJordan HSCFS/R5'11" 1988-08-24HS400K
Comments: Nash came into the draft season with high expectations and has had difficulty living up to them. He's a switch-hitter who'll have to play second or the outfield at the next level and he hasn't swung the bat well enough this season. Still, he's got as much speed as anyone in the draft class, a tool that's sure to intrigue some, though it seems more likely that he'll head to Oregon State.
Enhanced Scouting Report
1397Morton, ChristopherBellevue HS3BS/R6'01"1951988-10-26HS400K
419Miranda, SergioVirginia Commonwealth USSS/R5'10"1851987-03-05JR
748Miller, DeAndreLoyola Marymount UCFS/R5'09"1701985-05-18SR
428McPherson, KyleU MobileRHPS/R6'03" 1987-11-11JR400K
205McDade, MichaelSilverado HS1BS/R6'02"2501989-05-08HS
580Mandel, JeffBaylor URHPS/R6'03"1901985-04-30SR400K
1084Lester, CalvinPrairie View A&M UCFS/R6'01"1801983-12-23SR
606Lehmann, MichaelPearl River HSRHPS/R6'02"1901989-05-03HS400K
987Lamontagne, AndreCal St Long BeachRHPS/R6'04"1801986-03-24SO
541Krol, NoahWichita St URHPS/R6'02"1851984-06-06SR400K
1420Kline, TrentU South Carolina ColumbiaCS/R5'09"1601984-07-22JR
1406King, JasonDublin Jerome HSRFS/R6'00"2001989-06-14HS
598Kennedy, RyanU Tampa2BS/R5'09"1851984-10-02SR
359Kendall, JordanContra Costa ColOFS/L6'00"1901987-02-20J2
781Kaline, ColinGroves HS2BS/R5'10"1501989-04-26HS
481Kaiser, KodyOklahoma City URFS/R5'09"1851985-04-06JR400K
1063Juhl, BrianStanford UCS/R6'01"2101985-09-22JR
1106Johnson, GlenSouth Fork HSSSS/R5'11"1611988-07-24HS400K
683James, NathanielWilliston HSRHPS/R6'04"1801989-04-11HS400K
516Hodgson, IvorMount St Mary's ColLHPS/L6'03"1901986-04-25SO
329Guinn, BrianBerkeley HSSSS/R5'11"1651989-04-04HS400K
834Grandal, YasmaniMiami Springs Sr HSCS/R6'02"2151988-11-08HS400K
Comments: Grandal is one of the, if not the, best defensive catcher in the draft class. He does everything well behind the plate, from throwing to handling pitchers. Unfortunately, his bat is behind his glove. The switch-hitter has some skills, but also has some holes. How much teams think they can fix that could help determine Grandal's ultimate draft status.
Enhanced Scouting Report
952Gonzalez, DylanPepperdine URHPS/R6'04"2051985-03-07JR
959Gomez, RosalioRockford ColLHPS/L6'00"1901984-08-27JR
280Gildea, MarkFlorida St UCFS/R6'02"1951986-01-11JR
774Garrison, SethTexas Christian URHPS/R6'05"2351985-08-13JR400K
846Garcia, FernandoManatee JC2BS/R6'00"1601988-07-28J1
1261Folli, AteoU Buffalo2BS/R5'10"1751985-07-17JR
1056Floyd, AlexHillsborough CCCFS/R6'02"1801988-08-28J1
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