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178Romine, AndrewArizona St USSS/R6'01"1801985-12-24JR400K
Comments: The son of former big leaguer Kevin Romine, Andrew was a pretty good prospect coming out of high school three years ago. Now he profiles as a good college shortstop who can play defense, though his bat is behind his glove. That being said, teams are always looking for college infielders who can make plays and Romine fits that mold.
Enhanced Scouting Report
670Rogers, JacobSouth Dakota St USSR/R6'01"1801984-03-16SR
333Richey, BrandonNorthwestern St USSR/R5'10"1801986-04-27JR
360Richard, MichaelPrairie View A&M USSR/R5'10"1751984-08-20SR
728Rice, ChadVirginia Military InstituteSSR/R5'11"1801985-01-17SR
654Reza, AaronU OklahomaSSR/R5'08"1851985-06-25JR
570Ray, MattMiddle Tennessee St USSS/R5'09"1901984-01-28SR
698Penate, LuisCharles Flanagan HSSSR/R6'00"1751988-02-18HS
296Pedroza, JaimeUC RiversideSSS/R5'10"1751986-09-12JR
526Pasek, MichaelApple Valley HSSSR/R5'09"1601989-09-08HS
479Paiml, GregoryU Alabama TuscaloosaSSR/R6'00"1851984-08-03SR
1188Oberlechner, JakeArkansas City High SchoolSSR/R6'00"1751989-03-03HS
32Noonan, NicholasFrancis Parker HSSSL/R6'00"1801989-05-04HS400K
Comments: Regardless of whether Noonan can stay at short or has to move to second because of his arm, his bat will definitely play at the next level. With good instincts and approach, he's got the chance to be an intriguing table-setter come draft time.
Enhanced Scouting Report
103Navarro, ReynaldoPuerto Rico BB Academy HSSSR/R5'10"1751989-12-22HS400K
2Moustakas, MichaelChatsworth HSSSL/R6'00"1951988-09-11HS400K
Comments: At the start of the year, it may have been Matt Dominguez who was getting the attention at Chatsworth High. By the end of the season, Moustakas may have been the prime attraction. He basically re-wrote the California high school record books for career and single-season home runs. The only question is where he'll play defensively. A shortstop now because of Dominguez at third, some see Moustakas as a third baseman or perhaps even as a catcher.
Enhanced Scouting Report
1415Morrison, ErikU KansasSSR/R6'00"1901985-10-23JR400K
539Mollenhauer, DaleEast Carolina USSL/R5'10"1701986-06-26JR
419Miranda, SergioVirginia Commonwealth USSS/R5'10"1851987-03-05JR
585Mena, RobertoU TampaSSR/R6'00"1851985-01-17SR
344McArthur, EvanCal St FullertonSSR/R6'02"2001984-06-295S
876Martin, KyleTexas Tech USSR/R6'00"1751984-11-22SR400K
202Marmol, OliverCol of CharlestonSSR/R5'10"1651986-07-02JR
607Made, JoseDominican ColSSR/R5'08"1721985-10-23SO
1099Lyons, ScottMt San Antonio ColSSR/R6'00"1751986-12-30J2
430Lyons, DanielU MinnesotaSSR/R5'10"1851984-08-21SR400K
944Lopez, JoshuaLehigh Sr HSSSR/R5'09"1651989-01-31HS
1277Lohman, DevinErnest Righetti HSSSR/R6'01"1851989-04-14HS400K
1365Lodge, BrandonTesoro HSSSR/R6'02"1651988-08-03HS
1241LeMahieu, DavidBrother Rice HSSSR/R6'04"1851988-07-13HS400K
1031Ladendorf, TylerHoward ColSSR/R6'00"1851988-03-07J1
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