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367Acosta, RyanClearwater Central Catholic HSRHPR/R6'02"1701988-11-04HS400K
932Adams, JoshuaEagle's View AcademySSR/R5'11"1701989-03-07HS
563Adzick, MarkWilliam Penn Charter SchoolLHPL/L6'04" 1988-04-23HS400K
16Ahrens, KevinMemorial HSSSS/R6'01"1901989-04-26HS400K
Comments: Add another fine prep infielder to the list. There's a lot of upside in Ahrens' offense and while he'll likely end up at third base, he could possibly start as a shortstop because of his hands and arm and play there until he proves he can't stay at the position.
Enhanced Scouting Report
22Alderson, TimothyHorizon HSRHPR/R6'06"2171988-11-03HS400K
Comments: With a unique delivery pitching out of the stretch and unorthodox arm action, some teams may be wary. But Alderson has the chance to have three above-average pitches with outstanding command in a big, athletic package.
Enhanced Scouting Report
1122Alexander, ScottCardinal Newman HSLHPL/L6'02" 1989-07-10HS400K
1278Allen, AndrewDesert Vista HS1BR/R6'00"2251989-07-10HS
678Allen, WilliamCartersville HS1BL/L6'03"2001988-09-30HS400K
1290Alliman, TerrellBluevale Collegiate InstituteCFR/R6'03"1851988-10-15HS
75Almonte, DennyFlorida Christian SchoolCFS/R6'02"1871988-09-24HS400K
1134Alvarez, JoseOtay Ranch High School3BR/R5'11"2101989-02-07HS
334Angelini, CarmenBarbe HSSSR/R6'01"1851988-09-22HS400K
1344Arico, KevinNorth Hunterdon Reg HSRHPR/R6'05"1951988-08-30HS
1445Armstrong, AndrewTurner Ashby HSLHPR/L6'01"1851989-07-07HS
1177Armstrong, ElliottHarlan HSOFR/R5'08"1601989-06-09HS
460Arnold, PatrickHuntington HSRHPR/R6'01"1901988-10-31HS400K
11Aumont, PhillippeEcole Du VersantRHPL/R6'07"2201989-01-07HS400K
Comments: With a plus fastball, a slider that should become an above-average offering over time, a feel for a changeup and his size, Aumont understandably drew a lot of interest. He may have started behind prep pitchers from Florida and Texas because of inexperience, but he caught up and should be one of the top high school pitchers selected on draft day.
Enhanced Scouting Report
425Ayers, KyleOswego HSRHPR/R6'04"2151989-09-06HS
1074Babitt, ZacharyAlbany HS2BL/R5'07"1601989-09-01HS400K
58Bachanov, JonathanUniversity HSRHPR/R6'04"2101989-01-30HS400K
Comments: Bachanov is a relative latecomer to the "draft prospect" stage. It's clear he has some things to learn in terms of mechanics and mound presence, but the arm strength scouts love is definitely there. He has the chance to have a plus fastball to go along with a very good breaking ball. He may be a bit of a project, but it's there.
Enhanced Scouting Report
504Bailey, AustinPrattville HSRHPS/R6'01"1951988-10-10HS400K
Comments: There are some interesting parts there, with two promising pitches in a fastball that has been clocked as high as 94 mph and a curve that at times has shown above-average potential. He doesn't have much of a changeup, something scouts would like to have seen in order to consider taking him in the early stages of the draft.
Enhanced Scouting Report
95Barnese, NicholasSimi Valley HSRHPR/R6'02" 1989-01-11HS400K
394Barreda, ManuelSahuarita HSRHPR/R5'11"1651988-10-08HS
1361Barroso Revilla, YoandyMiami Springs Sr HSLFR/R6'02"1901988-11-26HS400K
316Barrow, BrandonZachary HSLHPL/L6'04"1951989-04-18HS
658Bass, JustinClements School2BS/R5'11"1901989-04-06HS
17Beavan, BlakeIrving HSRHPR/R6'06"2001989-01-17HS400K
Comments: Beavan is a very confident young man who knows all eyes are on him. He didn't do anything to disappoint in his senior season. He was virtually unhittable all year with a plus fastball and slider coming from a big, athletic frame. He beat Cuba in Cuba for team USA last summer, so clearly he has no problem with pressure situations. His size and his arm strength alone would be enough, but throw in some decent command and excellent stuff and he won't likely make it past the first 20 picks of the first round.
Enhanced Scouting Report
761Bell, ChadwickSouth Doyle HSLHPR/L6'03"2001989-02-28HS
1174Beltran, MichaelSt John Bosco HSSSR/R6'01"1651988-11-02HS
1383Benes, AndrewWestminster Christian Academy3BR/R6'02"1901988-11-04HS
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