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1173Egart, TimArkansas St URHPL/R6'04"2051985-03-13SR
545Dettrich, JuliusArlington HSLHPL/L6'03"1651988-09-23HS
649Horst, JeremyArmstrong Atlantic St ULHPL/L6'04"2251985-10-01SR
1071Christenson, RyanArnett HSLHPL/L6'01"1851989-01-11HS
1268Scott, TroyAuburn HS1BL/R6'05"1851989-03-04HS400K
718Bianucci, MichaelAuburn ULFR/R6'01"2121986-06-26SO400K
1059Blake, JoshAuburn ULHPL/L6'04"2051984-10-17SR
588Butts, BrettAuburn URHPR/R6'01"1901986-04-24JR
231Dixon, DavidAuburn U2BL/R6'02"2051985-08-28JR
48Donaldson, JoshuaAuburn UCR/R6'00"1951985-12-08JR400K
Comments: Donaldson really helped himself with a strong Cape Cod season last summer, but there are concerns about whether he'll be able to catch up to better velocities with the loop in his swing. He may improve with more experience as a full-time catcher, but his arm is below average and he does not profile as a premium catch-and-throw guy. Some see a switch to the infield -- he's played third in college -- but he may make for a good backup catcher who plays the game the right way.
Enhanced Scouting Report
464Edwards, BruceAuburn UCFS/R5'11"1701984-09-23SR
741Stringer, PhilipAuburn USSR/R5'09"1751984-12-27SR
967Forrer, DanielAuburn U MontgomeryLHPL/L6'04"1851983-11-01SR
1002Loberg, MikeAugustana ColRFL/R6'04"2251985-03-24SR
1393Rivera, CarlosAurora EastCFR/R5'11"1751989-07-28HS
405Kelley, ShawnAustin Peay St URHPR/R6'02"2151984-04-265S
965Lane, JakeAustin Peay St U1BR/R6'03"2301985-06-12SR
612Reynolds, MatthewAustin Peay St ULHPL/L6'05"2401984-10-02SR
1201Wilshire, RichardAustin Peay St URHPR/R6'04"2001985-03-25SR
210Hodsdon, ScottAzusa Pacific URHPR/R6'02"1951985-05-31SR400K
365Vogt, StephenAzusa Pacific UCL/R6'00"2201984-11-01SR400K
1094Landry, LeonBaker HS3BR/R5'11"1901989-09-20HS
812Witten, KyleBakersfield ColRHPR/R6'04"1751988-09-14J1
842Heyne, KyleBall St URHPR/R6'05"2201984-08-17JR
334Angelini, CarmenBarbe HSSSR/R6'01"1851988-09-22HS400K
964Griffen, ThadBarbe HSCR/R6'02"2051988-08-08HS400K
1066Schaus, JeffreyBarron G Collier HSCFL/R6'02"1901989-04-07HS
1185Brown, JaysonBarry URHPR/R5'10"1901984-08-20SR
1128Casanova, GabrielBarry U2BR/R6'01"1901984-07-295S
426Mitchell, MatthewBarstow HSRHPR/R6'02"2051989-03-31HS400K
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