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673Davis, TyVanderbilt URHPR/R6'06"2251984-09-11SR
61Easley, EdwardMississippi St UCR/R6'01"1801985-12-21JR400K
Comments: Easley has shown at least some ability with the bat and behind the plate. He's got some power, but is more of a doubles hitter in the future. His skill set profiles more as a backup catcher in the Kelly Stinnett or Doug Mirabelli mold, where he won't get to hit enough to make it matter.
Enhanced Scouting Report
343Ellis, JoshuaWake Forest URHPR/R6'02"2151984-08-07SR
73Enright, BarryPepperdine URHPR/R6'03"2001986-03-30JR400K
Comments: Enright is a pitchability college right-hander. He won't wow you with plus stuff, but he pounds the strike zone down and can command his fastball to both sides of the plate. He uses a certain amount of deception to keep hitters off-balance. If his command is off, he'll get hit, but he manages to have success even without a true out pitch.
Enhanced Scouting Report
1304Ewing, NickOakmont HSRHPR/R6'01"1601989-03-27HS
313Frey, EvanU Missouri ColumbiaCFL/L6'00"1701986-06-07JR400K
1354Garcia, JoshBrophy Jesuit Prep School1BR/R6'00"2001988-09-23HS
823Garrett, JosephPensacola JCLHPR/L6'00"1851987-03-26J2
1377Greco, MikeNotre Dame HS3BR/R6'03"2051988-07-29HS
283Hallberg, MarkFlorida St USSR/R5'11"1701985-12-09JR
1144Hanke, AaronUC DavisRFR/R6'01"2001984-12-03SR
253Harbin, TaylorClemson USSR/R5'09"1751986-02-13JR400K
703Harrington, IanU HawaiiLHPL/L6'01"1951985-04-23SR
373Henry, BryanFlorida St URHPR/R6'03" 1985-02-15SR400K
1001Huggins, CharlesUC Santa BarbaraLHPL/L6'00"1901986-05-06JR
1200Jacoby, TorreyNotre Dame HSSSR/R6'02"1901988-11-25HS
1030Kelley, ChristopherRice URHPR/R6'01"2001985-08-08JR400K
433LaFromboise, RobertU New MexicoLHPL/L6'04"1851986-06-25JR
793Layne, ThomasMount Olive ColLHPL/L6'03"1851984-11-02SR
193Maine, ScottU MiamiLHPL/L6'03"1951985-02-02SR
493Mee, MichaelU MinnesotaLFL/R5'10"1951983-10-145S
133Morgan, SeanTulane URHPR/R6'03"2151986-01-15JR400K
Comments: Morgan, Tulane's Friday starter, has above-average stuff. The problem is he hasn't been able to command it consistently, which is not helped by his delivery. If his command can improve, then maybe he has a future as a starter. Otherwise, he could be a pretty effective reliever with a nasty fastball-slider mix.
Enhanced Scouting Report
1440Moseley, DylanLouisiana Tech URHPR/R6'04"1851986-06-18JR
913Musselman, WilliamSt Louis UCR/R6'02"2101984-11-01SR
103Navarro, ReynaldoPuerto Rico BB Academy HSSSR/R5'10"1751989-12-22HS400K
1419Newman, MatthewBrophy Jesuit Prep SchoolCFL/L5'11"1751988-09-20HS
9Parker, JarrodNorwell HSRHPR/R6'01"1801988-11-24HS400K
Comments: Parker has a good combination of skills, a big fastball, two potentially good secondary pitches, clean mechanics, outstanding command and mound presence. He has the chance to be a frontline starter in the future.
Enhanced Scouting Report
733Prihoda, LukeSam Houston St URHPR/R6'05"2301984-08-10SR
1116Principe, JimmyBrookdale CCLFR/R6'02"1851986-03-11J3400K
50Roemer, WesleyCal St FullertonRHPR/R6'00"1901986-10-07JR400K
Comments: The epitome of the command-and-feel right-hander, Roemer has gone through his college career walking nearly no one. While his stuff is average at best, he can control and command three pitches well in the strike zone. He goes right after hitters and is a tough competitor on the mound. Some feel with his stuff, body type and arm action, he'll be a prototypical right-handed setup man, rather than a starter, as a pro.
Enhanced Scouting Report
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