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139Stouffer, BlakeTexas A&M U1BS/R6'00"1901985-10-11JR400K
1171Vasami, ChrisElon U1BR/R6'04"2301985-03-07SR
523Wheeless, ChanceU Texas Austin1BL/L6'05"2201984-09-28SR
1447Zarlengo, PaulMarian Catholic HS1BR/R6'01"2151988-11-01HS
1125Ziegler, CraigU Arizona1BR/R6'04"2251985-11-27JR
1074Babitt, ZacharyAlbany HS2BL/R5'07"1601989-09-01HS400K
658Bass, JustinClements School2BS/R5'11"1901989-04-06HS
1081Bionde, MichaelRutgers U New Brunswick2BR/R5'09"1751984-04-30SR
986Bohlken, RichardLa Cueva HS2BR/R5'11"1851988-11-22HS
1247Bomback, DanielFlorida Atlantic U2BL/R5'11"1851984-09-05JR
734Bond, BrockU Missouri Columbia2BS/R5'10"1951985-09-11JR400K
934Carrara, ChristopherWinthrop U2BR/R5'10"1801985-05-11SR
1128Casanova, GabrielBarry U2BR/R6'01"1901984-07-295S
638Cavagnaro, MatthewPenn St U2BS/R5'11"1851985-08-11SR
275Cipriano, WilliamUC Irvine2BR/R6'01"2051985-01-07SR
794Corona, RamonNorth Carolina St U2BR/R5'11"1921985-08-10JR
646Curry, RyanBradley U2BR/R5'10"1801985-04-18SR
321Cusick, MatthewU Southern California2BL/R5'10"1901986-05-05JR400K
Comments: With his bat control and outstanding makeup, Cusick should get plenty of attention and could be a nice No. 2 hitter in the future. His ability to hit for average and get on base should appeal to the stats-hungry crowd.
Enhanced Scouting Report
231Dixon, DavidAuburn U2BL/R6'02"2051985-08-28JR
1401Elmore, JacobWallace State CC2BR/R5'10"1801987-06-15J2
355Emaus, BradleyTulane U2BR/R6'00"1901986-03-28JR400K
1212Estrella, HectorU Southern California2BR/R5'10"1851984-12-22SR
131Farris, EricLoyola Marymount U2BR/R5'10"1701986-03-03JR400K
996Fields, CalebNorthwestern U2BR/R6'03"1901985-07-15SR
1261Folli, AteoU Buffalo2BS/R5'10"1751985-07-17JR
1115Gallego, NicholasEsperanza HS2BR/R6'00"1501988-12-29HS
846Garcia, FernandoManatee JC2BS/R6'00"1601988-07-28J1
301Henry, JustinU Mississippi2BL/R6'03"1901985-04-30JR
629Johnson, LoganU Louisville2BL/R5'09"1801983-11-22SR
228Jones, TravisU South Carolina Columbia2BR/R5'09" 1985-11-10JR400K
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