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1005Kuhn, TylerWest Virginia USSL/R5'10"1851986-09-09JR
18Kozma, PeterOwasso HSSSR/R6'00"1701988-04-11HS400K
Comments: Kozma is a very savvy offensive middle infielder whose bat is his best, but not only, tool. He runs well and handles his position capably. A hard worker, he plays the game the right way and is very fundamentally sound. There's no flash with Kozma, what you see is what you get.
Enhanced Scouting Report
619Kahaulelio, JacobOral Roberts USSR/R5'10"1851985-06-07SR
710Kaase, JacobTexas Lutheran USSL/R6'01"1851986-04-14JR
1106Johnson, GlenSouth Fork HSSSS/R5'11"1611988-07-24HS400K
1049Johnson, TerryWilliam Carey ColSSR/R6'02"1801985-02-20JR
1200Jacoby, TorreyNotre Dame HSSSR/R6'02"1901988-11-25HS
45Jackson, JustinT C Roberson HSSSR/R6'02"1751988-12-11HS400K
Comments: Jackson has been on the radar screen for a long time, with scouts seeing him many times over the years as they came to TC Roberson High School to see Cameron Maybin. He entered into the season as one of the top prep middle infielders in the class, but has seen his stock fall some over the course of the year. His defense has never really been questioned, but his ability to hit at the next level has. He did finish his senior season strongly at the plate and that could help him come draft day.
Enhanced Scouting Report
211Iorg, GarthNo SchoolSSR/R6'02"1751985-09-06NS
90Horton, JoshuaUNC Chapel HillSSL/R6'01"1951986-02-19JR400K
Comments: Horton is a nice college shortstop with excellent bat control and the ability to make good consistent contact. He can run a little bit and does a nice job catching the ball in the field. It's uncertain whether it's a package that will be enough to make him an everyday shortstop, but worst-case, he makes for a very good utility guy.
Enhanced Scouting Report
1210Hinson, JohnAC Reynolds HSSSL/R6'01"1951988-09-13HS400K
856Hill, VirgilValencia HSSSR/R5'11"1861989-09-09HS
108Hicks, BrandonTexas A&M USSR/R6'02"2001985-09-14JR400K
Comments: Hicks is a speedy shortstop with excellent defensive skills and tremendous makeup. All of that won't make him an everyday shortstop at the next level unless he can hit enough, something that scouts question. Worst-case, he could make for a very good defensive-minded utility guy who can run.
Enhanced Scouting Report
617Hehr, JeffreyEastern Michigan USSR/R6'00"1801985-07-27JR
878Harrison, BrianHilton Head HSSSR/R6'02"1801988-12-15HS
1190Harris, AlonzoMcComb HSSSR/R6'00"1701989-01-16HS
253Harbin, TaylorClemson USSR/R5'09"1751986-02-13JR400K
283Hallberg, MarkFlorida St USSR/R5'11"1701985-12-09JR
1114Hague, RichardKlein Collins HSSSR/R6'01"1801988-09-18HS400K
329Guinn, BrianBerkeley HSSSS/R5'11"1651989-04-04HS400K
558Gress, RandyQuinnipiac ColSSR/R6'02"1851984-12-06SR
603Gonzalez, ErnestoGeorge Wallace CCSSR/R5'10"1651987-01-16J2
1437Gioioso, MichaelMount St Mary's ColSSR/R6'00"1901985-02-14SR
835Gilligan, KyleConnors St ColSSR/R6'02"1851988-03-07J1
379Gaffney, ScottPenn St USSR/R6'03"1851986-03-13JR
98Friday, BrianRice USSR/R5'11"1801985-12-16JR400K
Comments: Friday, a first-team All-American in 2006, wasn't quite as good this year as last, but performed better as the year wore on. He's a line-drive hitter who has shown the ability to hit for average. He's got good speed and is an above-average baserunner. Defensively, his arm strength is his best tool, though the other aspects of his game at short are a little inconsistent.
Enhanced Scouting Report
34Frazier, ToddRutgers U New BrunswickSSR/R6'03"2151986-02-12JR400K
Comments: Frazier was drafted three years ago, but he honored his commitment to Rutgers, following in his brothers' footsteps. He's had a very productive year at the plate, showing power and run production ability even though Rutgers has hit him out of the leadoff spot. He'll change his place in the order as a pro just like he'll likely change his spot defensively, from shortstop to either third or a corner outfield position. Considering the dearth of college bats in this class, it's hard to imagine he'll last long on draft day.
Enhanced Scouting Report
251Fonseca, DavidLos Angeles Pierce ColSSR/R6'00"1801986-08-28J2
1180Fletcher, ScottStarrs Mill HSSSR/R6'00"1751988-10-26HS400K
198Fisher, MichaelGeorgia TechSSS/R6'02"1851985-03-22JR
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