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1312Everett, CatTulane USSS/R6'01"1901985-10-05JR
978Douglas, BrandonU Northern IowaSSR/R6'00" 1985-08-27JR
1248DiGeronimo, JoeWagner ColSSR/R5'11"1801984-09-11SR
1402Diaz, WalterU South FloridaSSR/R6'00"1801985-11-13JR
62Dent, RyanWoodrow Wilson HSSSR/R6'00"1901989-03-15HS400K
Comments: With a strong bat and even better speed, Dent will be a very intriguing prospect for many teams. Athletes like this don't grow on trees and Dent has shown the ability to hit to all fields and use his speed to wreak havoc on the basepaths. He may not be a middle infielder long-term, but many feel he's athletic enough to handle a move to the outfield if needed.
Enhanced Scouting Report
331De La Osa, DominicVanderbilt USSR/R5'11"2051986-01-13JR400K
746Dalton, ParkerTexas A&M USSR/R6'01"1751983-07-07SR
46Cumberland, AndrewPace HSSSL/R5'10"1751989-01-13HS400K
Comments: Cumberland is one the faster players in this year's draft class and will get a long look from some because of his leadoff potential. He makes good contact, though he'll never hit for power and is simply a solid baseball player who plays the game right. His main drawback is where he fits in defensively, but whether it's at short, second or in the outfield, many think his speed game will play anywhere.
Enhanced Scouting Report
51Culberson, CharlesCalhoun HSSSR/R6'01"1851989-04-10HS400K
186Cruz, FernandoPuerto Rico Advancement College HSSSS/R6'01" 1990-03-28HS400K
279Crowley, JamesGalveston ColSSL/R5'10"1801987-03-19J2
1083Crisp, AndrewU South Carolina ColumbiaSSR/R5'11"1601986-03-16JR400K
79Cozart, ZacharyU MississippiSSR/R6'01"1851985-08-12JR400K
Comments: Cozart has perhaps the best set of hands in this year's draft class and shortstops who can catch the ball are often hard to find. His lack of speed may hurt his range as the game speeds up and there is a question as to how much he'll hit at the next level. Some see him as a shortstop who can hit in the two-hole, but he also may just be a utilityman who hits ninth.
Enhanced Scouting Report
1107Cox, DanielU WashingtonSSL/R6'01"1801986-07-10SO
385Condotta, StevenFlorida TechSSR/R6'00"1801985-03-18SR
327Colon, ChristianCanyon HSSSR/R5'11" 1989-05-14HS400K
Comments: Colon came into the season as one of the top high school middle infielders in the class, thanks largely to being named the AFLAC All-American Game MVP, but he has kind of faded, or at the very least seen others pass by him. He doesn't have any eye-popping tools, but he does have terrific baseball instincts and earns the praise of being a "real baseball player" for the way he goes about his business. It's quite possible he'll take that business to college at Cal State Fullerton if he doesn't get drafted highly.
Enhanced Scouting Report
926Coats, JustinSeminole St ColSSR/R5'08"1801988-02-04J1
671Cline, MatthewCal St Long BeachSSR/R5'10"1551985-10-18SR
992Chavez, BrianU San FranciscoSSR/R6'02"1901986-03-23JR400K
1161Cates, ChristopherU LouisvilleSSR/R5'03"1501985-04-15SR
1048Branca, StephenNewsome HSSSR/R6'01"1701989-04-10HS
363Bouchard, MatthewGeorgetown USSR/R5'11"1801986-12-12JR
1174Beltran, MichaelSt John Bosco HSSSR/R6'01"1651988-11-02HS
127Barney, DarwinOregon St USSR/R5'10"1751985-11-08JR400K
Comments: To compare him with another college shortstop, Brian Friday, Barney might have less bat, but more glove. He's very dependable at a premium position, but his bat may mean he's a defensive-minded utility player in the big leagues. He compares favorably with Blake Davis, who was a fourth-round pick out of Cal State Fullerton in 2006.
Enhanced Scouting Report
1398Ayers, JosephBoston ColSSR/R6'00"1901986-09-26SR
334Angelini, CarmenBarbe HSSSR/R6'01"1851988-09-22HS400K
16Ahrens, KevinMemorial HSSSS/R6'01"1901989-04-26HS400K
Comments: Add another fine prep infielder to the list. There's a lot of upside in Ahrens' offense and while he'll likely end up at third base, he could possibly start as a shortstop because of his hands and arm and play there until he proves he can't stay at the position.
Enhanced Scouting Report
932Adams, JoshuaEagle's View AcademySSR/R5'11"1701989-03-07HS
1020Abshire, NicholasSchool Not In eBISSSR/R6'01"1851988-11-25HS
1293Zumaya, RichardBonita Vista HSRHPR/R6'01"1851989-11-10HS
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