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1286Williams, MarquesCompton CCRFR/R6'00" 1985-10-24J3
1148Williams, JonathanU TampaRHPR/R6'02"1701986-04-29JR
971Williams, KennethWichita St UCFS/R6'00"1801986-05-22JR
586Williams, CharleyItawamba JCRFL/L6'01"2151986-12-02J2
484Williams, DavidRutgers U New BrunswickRFR/R6'03"2151984-08-155S
152Williams, ReginaldBellflower HSSSR/R6'00"1701988-11-05HS400K
43Williams, JacksonU OklahomaCR/R5'11"2001986-05-14JR
1087Williamson, JosephU Notre DameRHPR/R6'02"2101986-01-28JR
429Williamson, HenrySan Jacinto Col NorthRHPR/R6'05"2251985-11-01J3
1201Wilshire, RichardAustin Peay St URHPR/R6'04"2001985-03-25SR
1222Wilson, RussellThe Collegiate SchoolSSR/R6'00" 1988-11-29HS
1072Wilson, RossHoover HSSSR/R5'11"1851988-11-09HS
851Wilson, SteffanHarvard U3BR/R6'01"2201986-05-24JR
808Wing, MichaelUpland HSSSR/R6'01"1801988-10-25HS400K
1407Winiarski, CodyUnion Grove HSRHPR/R6'03"1901989-08-27HS
1343Wise, JeremyLouisiana St U3BR/R6'01"2051986-06-02SO
20Withrow, ChristopherMidland Christian HSRHPR/R6'03"1951989-04-01HS400K
Comments: With athleticism, very clean mechanics and three pitches that have a chance to be above-average, Withrow is very intriguing. Throw in the fact that his father pitched at the University of Texas and in the White Sox organization and the bloodlines are there as well.
Enhanced Scouting Report
812Witten, KyleBakersfield ColRHPR/R6'04"1751988-09-14J1
977Wohlever, TJWestern Nevada CCLHPR/L6'01"2251987-01-10J2
399Wolf, JordanXavier UCR/R6'01"1951985-05-05SR
1319Wood, KolbyBerrien Springs HSRHPR/R6'06"1851988-09-26HS
1160Woodard, AustinBishop Carroll Catholic HSLHPL/L6'05"1701989-03-27HS
627Woodard, RobertUNC Chapel HillRHPR/R6'01"2051985-01-10SR
866Woods, NathanXavier HSRFR/R6'06"2101989-03-28HS
722Workman, JoshuaWichita St U2BL/R6'01"2001985-11-04JR400K
107Workman, BrandonBowie HSRHPR/R6'04"1951988-08-13HS
91Worth, DanielPepperdine USSR/R6'01"1801985-09-30JR
Comments: College shortstops who can catch the ball are usually in high demand and often in short supply, so Worth should get plenty of attention. He's very sure-handed and has tremendous defensive instincts. He's become a better hitter this year, with good plate discipline and a shorter swing that's allowed him to spray the ball to all fields. But it's his glove that will carry him.
Enhanced Scouting Report
163Worthington, TyrellSouth Central HSLFR/R6'00" 1988-08-02HS
217Wright, TyOklahoma St UOFR/R6'00"1951985-02-26SR
397Wyatt, JonathanU GeorgiaCFL/R5'10"1851984-09-06SR
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