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487Ashwood, ZacharyU KansasLHPS/L6'04"2021986-05-20JR
159Arrieta, JacobTexas Christian URHPR/R6'04"2251986-03-06JR400K
Comments: TCU's Friday starter endured an up-and-down season, but came up with a strong start in his conference tournament late in the year. When he's pitching well, he uses average stuff with above-average command to keep hitters off-balance. He's a middle-of-the-rotation workhorse type in the future, and the kind of pitcher who could possibly get to the big leagues quickly.
Enhanced Scouting Report
1390Arnold, ColinDaytona Beach CCRFL/L6'02"1851987-08-16J2
1224Arnold, AdamThompson River URHPR/R6'00"1851986-05-15JR
460Arnold, PatrickHuntington HSRHPR/R6'01"1901988-10-31HS400K
1445Armstrong, AndrewTurner Ashby HSLHPR/L6'01"1851989-07-07HS
1177Armstrong, ElliottHarlan HSOFR/R5'08"1601989-06-09HS
883Arif, OmarCal St Long BeachLHPL/L6'00"1951984-09-03SR
1344Arico, KevinNorth Hunterdon Reg HSRHPR/R6'05"1951988-08-30HS
21Arencibia, JonathanU TennesseeCR/R6'01"2101986-01-05JR400K
Comments: Heading into the year, the Tennessee backstop was on the short list of top college catchers in the draft class. A nagging back injury has really hampered his production and given scouts some cause for concern. Still, he's got some track record and has performed very well for Team USA in the past. He's no longer in the first-round mix, but still should go in the first few rounds.
Enhanced Scouting Report
532Arburr, MatthewPace U3BR/R6'04"2601986-03-04JR
573Antonini, MichaelGeorgia Col & St ULHPR/L6'00"1901985-08-06SR
388Anton, MichaelNo SchoolLHPL/L6'03"1951985-04-03SO
1245Antilla, DouglasMidAmerica NazareneRHPL/R6'03"2151983-07-11SR
219Angle, MatthewOhio St UCFL/R5'10" 1985-09-10JR
334Angelini, CarmenBarbe HSSSR/R6'01"1851988-09-22HS400K
466Anetsberger, RyanIllinois St U3BR/R6'01"2151985-07-22JR
968Andrelczyk, PeteCoastal Carolina URHPR/R6'01"1851985-11-10SO
1370Anderson, JohnBossier Parrish CCRHPR/R6'02"1951988-02-06J1
1216Anderson, RobertNorth Central Texas ColRHPR/R6'01"1751987-11-30J1
681Anderson, BernardU New OrleansRFR/R5'11"2001984-04-22SR
906Amyx, BrettU Texas Tyler1BR/R6'06"2301985-03-17JR
194Ambort, MichaelLamar UCS/R6'01"2151985-04-23SR400K
1394Amato, GaryPenn St URHPR/R6'01"2001986-01-01JR
1134Alvarez, JoseOtay Ranch High School3BR/R5'11"2101989-02-07HS
75Almonte, DennyFlorida Christian SchoolCFS/R6'02"1871988-09-24HS400K
1290Alliman, TerrellBluevale Collegiate InstituteCFR/R6'03"1851988-10-15HS
1278Allen, AndrewDesert Vista HS1BR/R6'00"2251989-07-10HS
678Allen, WilliamCartersville HS1BL/L6'03"2001988-09-30HS400K
669Allen, ColinLamar CCRHPR/R6'01"1751986-10-14J2
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