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892Pelt, CharlieGeorgia St U1BL/R6'00"2051984-12-28SR
749Patterson, KevinOak Mountain HS1BL/R6'04"2151988-09-28HS400K
Comments: Patterson is a kind of all-or-nothing, hit-or-miss kind of guy. When he can get his arms extended, he's got tremendous power. But he also has some holes in his swing and sometimes tries to work counts too much at the plate, leaving some concerned about his overall hittability. He'll never be drafted for his glove. If he hits for power, he could be a star in the future. He does have a very strong commitment to Auburn and is considered a tough sign.
Enhanced Scouting Report
1043Pagan, JosephArchbishop-Curley Notre Dame HS1BL/R6'00"2101989-08-30HS
860Ortiz, MichaelMiami Palmetto Sr HS1BL/L6'02"2001989-05-02HS
1450Navarro Jr, EfrenU Nevada Las Vegas1BL/L6'00"2001986-05-14JR
915Nance, JasonBlackford HS1BL/L6'05"2051989-05-16HS
1217Murton, LukeGeorgia Tech1BR/R6'04"2301986-05-21SO
1339Morrison, MichaelBishop Luers HS1BR/R6'01"2201988-03-17HS
530Moreland, MitchellMississippi St U1BL/L6'02"2301985-09-06JR400K
13Mills, BeauLewis & Clark St Col1BL/R6'03"2201986-08-15JR400K
Comments: Mills spent his first two years of college ball at Fresno State, but transferred after academic problems forced him off the team late last year. Still, he hit 14 homers and hit .355 in 2006 and was even better with Lewis-Clark State this year. In a class short on impact college bats, Mills has only helped his draft status.
Enhanced Scouting Report
205McDade, MichaelSilverado HS1BS/R6'02"2501989-05-08HS
534Matthews, JarenDon Bosco Prep HS1BL/L6'01" 1989-02-20HS400K
234Mailman, DavidProvidence Sr HS1BL/L6'02"1801988-10-07HS400K
189Mahoney, JosephU Richmond1BL/L6'07"2551987-02-01JR400K
1035Maddox, RobertVilla-Angela St Joseph HS1BL/L6'02" 1988-10-18HS400K
965Lane, JakeAustin Peay St U1BR/R6'03"2301985-06-12SR
901Lamont, WadeFlagler Col1BL/R6'02"2301984-06-25JR
896Keefer, ChadNorth Central Texas Col1BR/R6'03"2151987-08-25J1
1298Jost, BryanU Minnesota1BL/L6'04"2051986-03-25SO
536Jacobs, FranklinRobert B Glenn HS1BR/R6'05"2601988-11-25HS
845Humphrey, BenjaminCentral Michigan U1BR/R6'04"2251984-04-15SR
412Hill, StevenStephen F Austin St U1BR/R5'11"1901985-03-14SR
330Hamblin, DanielU Arkansas Fayetteville1BR/R6'01"2101985-02-10SR400K
1317Grim, JohnJohn Hersey HS1BR/R6'00"1851988-10-23HS
1354Garcia, JoshBrophy Jesuit Prep School1BR/R6'00"2001988-09-23HS
478Garcia, ChristopherSt Petersburg JC1BL/R6'01"2141987-11-25J2
78Freeman, FrederickEl Modena HS1BL/R6'05" 1989-09-12HS400K
918Escobar, ReneRiverside CC1BR/R6'00"1801986-11-22J2
1233Edwards, ThomasRutgers U New Brunswick1BL/R6'02"2001985-10-15SO
243Duda, LucasU Southern California1BL/R6'04"2251986-02-03JR400K
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