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Draft 2008
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382McClain, RobertCumberland ULHPS/L6'00"1701987-03-26JR
652Hee, JonathanU Hawaii2BS/R6'00"1801985-08-11SR
712Garrison, SethTexas Christian URHPS/R6'05"2201985-08-13SR400K
412Wilson, TylerArmuchee HS (GA)RHPR/R6'05"1921989-12-24HS
292Vazquez, ChristianPuerto Rico BB Academy HSCR/R5'09"1951990-08-21HS400K
1504Stroup, KyleGrant Community HS (IL)RHPR/R6'06"2351990-03-13HS
1042Sinclair, ZakeriaWest Allegheny HS (PA)RHPR/R6'04"1990-08-16HS400K
322Ruiz, PeterSanta Barbara CCRHPR/R6'03"2051987-08-21J2
45Price, BryanRice URHPR/R6'04"2101986-11-13JR400K
802Moore, NaveryBattle Ground Academy (TN)RHPR/R6'02"1990-08-10HS
1012Miller, BrandonWoodward Academy (GA)CR/R6'01"1901989-10-08HS
622Meyer, AlexGreensburg HS (IN)RHPR/R6'07"2051990-01-03HS400K
Comments: A year ago, Jarrod Parker put the Indiana high school scene firmly on the Draft map when he went No. 9 overall. There was some hope that Meyer would follow suit and he certainly has had some good performances this spring, but truth be told, he's not as advanced as Parker. He is, however, extremely projectable and is one of the best examples of a high risk, high reward prospects in the Draft class. He's also being advised by Scott Boras, throwing another wrinkle into the situation.
Enhanced Scouting Report
1252Mercadante, DustinSan Diego CCRHPR/R6'07"2301988-10-24J2
862Marquis, MatthewImmaculata HS (NJ)CFR/R6'00"1901990-02-22HS400K
262Lee, MichaelOklahoma City URHPR/R6'07"2201986-11-18JR
202Lavarnway, RyanYale UCR/R6'04"2251987-08-07JR400K
30Kelly, CaseySarasota HS (FL)SSR/R6'03"1941989-10-04HS400K
Comments: One of the better athletes in the class, whoever drafts Kelly will have to lure him from being a two-sport star at the University of Tennessee, where he is a quarterback recruit. Big and athletic, he has all the tools to play shortstop. The main question is whether he'll swing the bat well enough and that could determine his Draft status as a hitter. As a pitcher, he's a bit raw, but has the makings of three outstanding pitches and could be more intriguing to scouts on the mound.
Enhanced Scouting Report
1423Kehrt, JeremyU Southern IndianaRHPR/R6'02"1901985-12-21SR
1450Hoef, KevinU Iowa3BR/R6'02"1951987-02-01JR
1162Hernandez, JohnBarry URHPR/R6'00"1901987-06-21JR
1396Heatley, JeremyNorth Lake CCRHPR/R6'02"2151987-12-17J2
922Hale, AlexanderU RichmondRHPR/R6'01"2151986-02-09SR
1369Griffin, JonathanManatee JC1BR/R6'06"2001989-04-29J1
1192Gomes, YanU TennesseeCR/R6'01"2201987-07-19SO
77Gibson, DerrikSeaford HS (DE)SSR/R6'01"1701989-12-05HS400K
952Frezza, AndrewBarry UOFR/R5'09"1991986-05-16SR
85Fife, StephenU UtahRHPR/R6'03"2101986-10-04JR400K
232Federowicz, TimothyUNC Chapel HillCR/R5'11"2001987-08-05JR400K
1132Di Benedetto, ThomasTrinity ColSSR/R6'01"1921985-11-03SR
682DeSclafani, AnthonyColts Neck HS (NJ)RHPR/R6'01"1751990-04-18HS400K
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