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Draft 2008
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353Bryles, BrianNorth Little Rock HS (AR)CFR/R6'01"1989-11-04HS
354Anderson, CalvinSouthern U A&M1BR/R6'07"2401987-05-08JR
355Caldwell, KevenSpartanburg Methodist ColLFL/L5'11"1701988-03-29J2
356Rook, JasonAppalachian St UOFL/R6'01"2001987-08-28JR
357Ronick, AriU PortlandLHPL/L6'05"2051986-03-25SR
358Turner, MichaelMississippi St U2BL/R6'01"1987-02-15JR
359Day, KyleMichigan St UCL/R5'11"2001986-07-13JR400K
360Upchurch, StevenFaith Academy (AL)RHPR/R6'04"1801989-09-14HS400K
361Atwood, WilliamU South Carolina ColumbiaLHPL/L6'02"1987-01-13JR400K
362Hulett, JeffOkaloosa Walton CCSSR/R6'00"1851987-11-16J2
363Young, CoreySeton Hall ULHPL/L6'02"1751986-12-30JR400K
364Elgie, ZacharyMinot HS (ND)1BR/R6'02"1989-10-28HS
365Swinson, MichaelCoffee HS (GA)CFL/R6'02"1851989-09-24HS
366Carr, KyleU MinnesotaLHPR/L6'05"2001986-11-11JR
367Yount, AustinStanford U3BL/R6'00"1851986-10-09JR
368Sherrill, GarrettAppalachian St URHPR/R6'05"2101987-09-04JR
369Wright, MatthewShippensburg ULHPL/L5'10"1701987-05-07JR
370Francis, RossWalters State CCRHPR/R6'02"1988-02-08J2
371Opitz, JakeU Nebraska Lincoln2BL/R6'00"1901986-07-28SR
372Kasparek, KennU Texas AustinRHPR/R6'08"2001985-09-23JR400K
373Anderson, BrettBristol Eastern School (CT)SSR/R6'03"1851990-09-03HS
374Cohoon, MarkNorth Central Texas ColLHPL/L6'02"1951987-09-15J1
375Clark, MatthewLouisiana St U1BL/R6'05"2151986-12-10JR400K
376Weber, JamesClearwater Central Catholic HS (FL)RHPR/R6'00"1701990-08-12HS400K
377Peisel, RyanU Georgia3BR/R6'03"1951986-06-14SR400K
378Webb, RobertHeath HS (KY)RHPR/R6'03"2101989-08-18HS400K
Comments: There are things about Webb that scouts love: his size, his strength, his aggressiveness on the mound. Most of all, there's the velocity, which gets up to the mid-90s. What's lacking are other pitches -- his curve and slider are below average -- and his command. The team that has seen enough glimpses in those areas that convince them he'll improve will take a flier on his arm strength. That could happen within the first few rounds.
Enhanced Scouting Report
379Pardo, BraulioSt Leo ColCS/R6'00"1851986-10-10JR
380Greinke, LukeAuburn URHPR/R6'01"1951986-06-14JR400K
381Fonseca, GuidoU Northern IowaRHPR/R6'01"2501985-09-15SR
382McClain, RobertCumberland ULHPS/L6'00"1701987-03-26JR
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