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Draft 2008
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74Chatwood, TylerRedlands East Valley HS (CA)RHPR/R5'11"1751989-12-16HS400K
Comments: Chatwood is an intriguing athlete and pitcher. Some see him on the mound and some see him as a super-utility type. He does have command of two good pitches, though his size could keep some from being too interested. How he progresses on the mound could determine when he gets drafted.
Enhanced Scouting Report
105Chaffee, RyanChipola JCRHPR/R6'02"2001988-05-18J2
112Cone, ZacharyParkview HS (GA)CFR/R6'02"2001989-12-14HS400K
139Boshers, JeffreyCalhoun CCLHPL/L6'03"2051988-05-09J2400K
169Cooper, KhiryCavalry HS (LA)CFR/R6'03"1801990-01-18HS
199Blanco, JoshuaFranklin HS (TX)LHPL/L6'02"1901989-11-16HS
229Smith, WilliamGulf Coast CCLHPR/L6'05"2351989-07-10J1
259Scholl, ChristianGreen River CCRHPR/R5'11"1951987-10-27J2400K
289Farnsworth, NicholasUnion HS (OK)1BL/L6'02"2101989-06-17HS
319Jacobo, GabrielCal St Sacramento3BR/R6'02"1901987-04-14JR400K
349Gomez, RolandoCharles Flanagan HS (FL)SSL/R5'07"1451989-06-18HS400K
Comments: He may not look like much at first glance -- and his size is an issue -- but Gomez really knows how to play the game. He's got a terrific approach at the plate for a high schooler and smooth mechanics. Defensively, he's got the hands and arm to stay at shortstop, but his range may force him over to the right side of the infield, where he could be an interesting offensive-minded second baseman.
Enhanced Scouting Report
379Pardo, BraulioSt Leo ColCS/R6'00"1851986-10-10JR
409Kohn, MichaelCol of CharlestonRHPR/R6'02"1986-06-26SR
439Dorado, ReyesArizona St URHPL/R6'01"2001986-01-10SR400K
469Champagnie, MarcelArizona St ULFR/R6'00"1901985-10-18JR
499Hellweg, JohnFlorida CCRHPR/R6'07"2001988-10-29J1
529Mallard, JamesMiddleton HS (FL)1BR/R6'00"2651990-08-23HS
559Younger, AdamOral Roberts USSR/R6'02"2071985-08-255S
589Burford, MarshallManor HS (TX)CR/R6'00"1951989-11-04HS
619Brooks, BeauTroy UCL/R6'01"2101987-08-03JR
649Bailey, DwayneU Central Florida2BS/R6'02"1986-08-11SR
679Groth, RyanOral Roberts ULFL/L6'02"2151986-07-23JR
709Crawford, MatthewMercer UCFS/R6'00"1651986-05-09SR
739Jungmann, TaylorGeorgetown HS (TX)RHPR/R6'06"1951989-12-18HS400K
769Lopez, RobertoU Southern CaliforniaLFR/R6'00"1951985-10-01SR
799Nabors, KevinU South AlabamaRHPR/R6'03"2101985-08-125S
829Kiely, TimTrinity ColRHPR/R6'01"1901985-08-26SR
859Kenney, MichaelLoyola Marymount URHPR/R6'04"2101986-08-16JR
889Thorne, JeremyFlorida Southern ColRHPR/R6'04"2501985-10-04SR
919Miller, JaysonWashington St ULHPL/L5'11"1801985-11-25SR
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